Saturday, 21 February 2015


Fixstars, 3TB SSD, 3TB SATA, SSD, world's largest SSD, SSDstorage,
Until now all the SSDs are contents only in small formats, Around 1TB or close to it, but Fixstars has decided to break the pattern and launches SSD far greater capacity to 3TB.

The model Fixstars Solutions is the SSD-3000M which has 3TB capacity in a format of 2.5 "and with it also presents the SSD-1000M. This is kinda product which launched by the company aimed at a niche market that requires a high level of data and to handle large capacity files. Thus the Fixstars SSD-3000M solves this problem without the need to make arrangements for more SSDs to handle greater capacity files or programs.

Fixstars, 3TB SSD, 3TB SATA, SSD, world's largest SSD, SSDstorage,

So far so good, this model of Fixstarts is the largest capacity SSD in the market at the moment, with a format of 2.5 " It is realiable for applications that work encodeando videos 4K or even higher quality. Its market price is not yet published, but surely cost a little more than a kidney.
Fixstars, 3TB SSD, 3TB SATA, SSD, world's largest SSD, SSDstorage,

Sunday, 8 February 2015



The news from the web "Chiphell" exposes the Benchmarks of the GPU, which is not yet on the market. They show the very new graphics card AMD 380X R9 which is gonna launch soon during this year. The results show incredible performance and 4k games support which exceeds the current monarch of the market, NVIDIA GTX 980.





As you can see in the pictures above, the results in theory correspond to the AMD 380X R9 is obviously erase the chart as it is classified information and publish freely that can obviously bring legal problems who published them. If so, NVIDIA is facing a problem that surely will try to solve with the GTX 980 Ti or new GTX Titan.

Source : ChipHell

Sunday, 25 January 2015

How to make more sotrage-space in your iPhone

How to make more sotrage-space in your iPhone

"This update / recording / photo can not be performed because it requires at least 5.8GB of storage" This is what tells me over and over again in my iPhone when the Storage memory is full. Sure, I can follow these instructions on "delete useless items from the Settings" clear. Or just could ignore that update and keep what I have already got.

How to make more sotrage-space in your iPhone

The message haunts me over and over and over again, So I decided to end this matter. And if you feel the same as I am feeling right now, follow the instructions that shares Mr. Cippy, contributor to Fortune Magazine , CNET and Macworld , to avoid further frustration.

The first step is to identify what thing is stealing the storage of your device and for anyone who has one that works with iOS just have to follow the instructions below:

1. Go to the icon Settings, select General

2. Find and select Usage ( Usage ).

How to make more sotrage-space in your iPhone

3. If you have already upgraded the iOS 8 version, You need to go to the function Manage Storage ( Managing Storage ) in that menu.

Here you can find how much free space you have in your device at the moment and how much you need to remove for avoiding those several errors. You can see below are the apps and associated files listed from highest to lowest use of space.

How to make more sotrage-space in your iPhone

4. Here you can easily find-out the useless apps, which are stealing your storage-space, Select the app and it will give you the option for deleting it. Check each app and ask yourself if it is actually important or not, Just delete all the useless apps and you're good to go.

If you need even more space
How to make more sotrage-space in your iPhone

When you see the list of apps which are taking more memory, surely that of Photo & Video are in the first place. What you have to do is simply connect your phone to your PC, Laptop or computer and download the pictures and videos from your iPhone.

Once you verified that pictures, Mp3, videos, e-books and other items have been downloaded to your computer, delete them from your iOS device.

Okay, now you have room to make that upgrade complete which you need.

Saturday, 24 January 2015

All The Most Useful Nokia Codes Fore Soft Reset, Full Reset and A lot more

All The Most Useful Nokia Codes Fore Soft Reset, Full Reset and A lot more

Nokia, The most amazing mobile phone manufacturers, makes its terminals many useful internal codes to know things like the IMEI, firmware or reset the phone to clean it complete remains stored facilities and other important data. The most important and useful CODES are:

IMEI: * # 06 # In fact this code is independent of the brand of course and the Nokia company. It is very useful to lock the phone when someone stolen our phone.

For checking your Software version: * # 0000 # :

Displays what is commonly known as firmware. If you know what the latest software for your phone that Nokia has launched, we can see if your terminal needs an update. You can also look with Nokia PC-Suite. Security code or lock: 12345 There are some actions that the phone does not allow us to use this code. If you didn't change your password, the usual password is 12345.

If you enter the wrong code three or more consecutive times, the phone can switch to "sleep mode" and will not accept any command for the next 15 minutes. Turn off the phone and turn it on again, do not use it for 15 minutes and then try again to command it.

Full Reset Nokia Code: * # 7370 # After putting this code it will request the security password, Put  (12345). Then you have to confirm the action as this code will completely clean the phone memory, Will make it as if it came from the Company. You should make a backup before performing the Full Reset as it will remove absolutely everything (contacts, messages, calendar, images ... everything).

Soft Reset by Coding: * # 7780 # only works on Nokia Symbian OS provided. In this case it will also ask for the security code, So put (12345), but for a more simple removal. It will Only deletes the contents of the RAM of the terminal and renew the system. Without deleting any personal data.

It usually used when the phone is slow for very intensive use. So, just Format your phone: * + 3 + call key + power on (press all at once)  If the mobile hangs or does not work well and it does not even to ask the PIN, then use this code to try to return it to the normal mode.

Activate or deactivate EFR (Enhanced Full Rate): * # 3370 * :

The EFR mode achieves better signal quality sacrificing for the battery. Works well for small coverage areas where we need the signal for an emergency.

Toggle HRC (Half Rate Clarity): * # 4270 * is the exact opposite of the EFR. Thanks to the HRC will have more battery life but sacrificing signal quality.

Usage time: * # 92702689 # :

Displays the time that the phone has been used in total. It is merely information, has no real use.

Show MAC bluetooth: * # 2820 # Show MAC WiFi: * # 62209526 #

I would note that all of these codes you can use them at your own risk . Especially those that eliminate or modify data phone. Always make a backup of your data before using any of these codes!!

Friday, 16 January 2015

NVIDIA’s Flagship Maxwell GM200 GPU Core, Reference point Board Features 12 GB VRAM, Superb Die

NVIDIA, Maxwell, Flagship, GM200 GPU Core, NVIDIA New GM200 GPU Core, GK104, GM2xx, GK110, GM204

NVIDIA’s future flagship Maxwell based "GM200 GPU" core have been revealed by Video-cards exposing that the chip has is completely finalized and it will soon entering mass production to get incorporated in many Quadro and GeForce GPUs.

The leak in connection with GM200 GPU's core comes just a couple of days after it absolutely  reported that NVIDIA maybe have a Quadro M6000 card with the 12 GB VRAM although now it is confirmed.

The leak on the site was tipped by a company worker who was working at the actual manufacturing labs the place that the GM200 GPUs are produced in mass quantity to fulfill demand of users in the very next month. While there are no specifications or shots of the full board, these types of single leak verifies that NVIDIA’s GM200 GPU is usually ready and constant full production on NVIDIA Manufactures.

Where Some of the specifications reveal that this flagship Maxwell core are going to be using the PG600 board that has a code-name of 180-1G600-1102-A04. However It's hopefully going to make way in to professional Quadro cards first, there is no mystery about this chip may also be integrated in fresh and upcoming GeForce graphics cards like exclusive GeForce GTX Titan successor.

NVIDIA, Maxwell, Flagship, GM200 GPU Core, NVIDIA New GM200 GPU Core, GK104, GM2xx, GK110, GM204

On the other hand, one thing we can't confirm right now is which market should it belong to so it may be either a GeForce or a Quadro variant. All of the other board shows 12 Hynix H5GQ4H24MFR memory chips that are the same ones utilized on GeForce GTX 980 & GeForce GTX 970, clocked in 7 GHz.

We guys are most likely considering a 384-bit bus if earlier leaks are involved. The Hynix storage chip are amazing with regards to OC and stability offering copious amounts of bandwidth & performance to users. The reference board coming with the two SLI gold-fingers in addition to display outputs consist of three Display ports & a single HDMI 2. 0 port.

However It appears the board sample doesn't allow the DVI port right now but we are able to see the connectors to the port are in place and we'll be looking with a similar display settings as other NVIDIA Maxwell GPUs.

Some of the most surprising thing in GM200 GPU, It is massive when it comes to die size. While Kepler GK110 experienced a die about 561mm-2, the very new GM200 is just around 600mm2.

NVIDIA, Maxwell, Flagship, GM200 GPU Core, NVIDIA New GM200 GPU Core, GK104, GM2xx, GK110, GM204

The die is complete encircled with a metallic plate heat-spreader and looks exactly like the GK110. The chip is code-named as TAA156. 000 (1440A1) or even the GM200-400-A1. It is  still difficult to say if this will be the flagship GM200 SKU. A find of the earlier leaked specifications shows that the GM200 GPU attributes 3072 Core CUDA, up from 2048 around the current GM204 processor. Where the Maxwell SMM provides 128 streaming processors, there’s a complete of 24 SMM units enabled at the GM200 chip which will probably be fused on the Quadro M6000 GPU.

In spite of that, we are looking at 96 Raster operation units and 192-256 TMU. The card includes a pixel fill-rate involving 94.8 GPixels/s and also a texture fill-rate involving 252.9 GTexels/s. The GPU’s clock speeds are actually maintained at 988 MHz & does not feature GPU Boost, This can be preparatory clock speeds and might be changed in the future when the cards is officially released.

On the other side, we are experiencing at no less compared to 12 GB GDDR5 VRAM Memory because it replaces the K6000 which actually featured exactly the same buffer size. The card features a 384-bit memory user interface and memory clock is maintaned from 6. 6 GHz that pumps out 317. 4 GB/s.

GPU NameNVIDIA Quadro M6000NVIDIA Quadro K6000NVIDIA Quadro K5000NVIDIA Quadro K4000AMD FirePro  W9100AMD FirePro W8100AMD FirePro W7100AMD FirePro W5100
GPU CoreGM200GK110GK104GK106Hawaii XTHawaii ProTonga ProBonaire Pro
SMM/Compute Units24158444402812
Core Count307228801536768281625601792768
Core Clock988 MHz900 MHz700 MHz811 MHz930 MHz824 MHz950 MHz930 MHz
ROPs/TMUs96/192 or 25648/24032/12824/6464/17664/16032/11216/56
FP32 Compute6.07 TFlops5.2 TFlops2.15 TFlops1.24 TFlops5.24 TFlops4.20 TFlops2.87 TFlops1.43 TFlops
Memory Bus384-Bit384-Bit256-Bit192-Bit512-Bit512-Bit256-Bit128-Bit
Memory Bandwidth317.4 GB/s288 GB/s173 GB/s134 GB/s320 GB/s320 GB/s160 GB/s96 GB/s
Memory Clock6.6 GHz6.0 GHz5.4 GHz5.6 GHz5.0 GHz5.0 GHz5.0 GHz5,5 GHz

Monday, 12 January 2015

LG G2 Latest Android update to Lollipop 5.0 Available Here

LG G2 Android update to Lollipop 5.0 Available Here, LG G2 Latest Android Update, LG G2 Lollipop update

Well, In case you guys can not wait for the LG G2 Android update to Lollipop 5.0 and if you do not care about bricking your smartphone or losing your current warranty, You have got an incredible opportunity with this build released by "Telemeen". So, For that You should be an experienced smartphone user to install the LG G2 update to Android 5.0 Lollipop to yourself, so proceed with caution or obtain help. If you haven't got anyone with knowledge about rooting, flashing and such things, So, according to me you should have to wait for the official Android 5. 0 Lollipop OTA to get released to your LG G2 Smartphone.

Before we start to update, Get to know you have got one of these model numbers inside your possession: LS980, VS980, D800, D801, D802, otherwise the ROM won't work properly on your smartphone. At the exact same time, You should have to backup your data and charge your cellular before proceed to LG G2 Android smartphone update, as your device will have to be rooted. Rooting may void your extended warranty, do not forget. You won’t be able to take it to the store and it won't be fixed cost-free anymore.

However you guys have to know about the LG G2  Android update: Because it is an Alpha ROM, and unofficial Anroid 5. 0/CyanogenMod 12 build, some features won't be able to work. For ex: CM features, Video recording, Data/Mobile network on LS/VS980 models will be reporting roaming incorrectly & GPS won’t work for many users. Still, main functions such as the Camera, WiFi, RIL, NFC "except the model number LS980", display, notifications lights, just about all sensors, Google apps, Project Volta other data, most audio, airplane mode and tethering will proceed fine, so you can give it a go. If you don not want it, you can always proceed to the stable and official update later on.

So, Basically you guys can get all the necessary apps, information, tools and instructions from Telemeen, and co. On the XDA Developers forum so that you guys can have a smooth LG G2 Android update installation process. If you still don't understood half of this article, you probably should not need to get that ROM and better wait for the official build to be released later on in this year. Best of luck and enjoy Android Lollipop 5.0 on the LG G2 smartphone.

In the end, here is the LG G2 video running the latest Android Lollipop update:

Saturday, 3 January 2015

Nvidia gonna release three brand-new GeForce GTX graphics cards in January

Nvidia Corporation, Going to introduce three new GeForce GTX graphic cards this month, according to the new media-report. The new graphics cards will offer different levels of performance and definitely will address various markets segments.

The superbly manufactured three new graphics cards which are gonna announce soon are GeForce GTX 960, GeForce GTX 960 Ti & GeForce GTX 965 Ti, according to Wccftech web-site. However the graphics cards may have similar model numbers, they are projected to be powered by unique graphics processing units and so will offer completely different levels of performance and it will be a great pleasure for the 4D game lovers to play high graphics games on it.

GeForce GTX 960, geforce gtx 960 ti, geforce gtx 965 Ti, GM204, GM206, news, NVIDIA

The GeForce GTX 960 is assigned for to be based on a new brand-new code-named "GM-206" chips with 128-bit memory bus and unknown quantity of stream processors. The GeForce GTX 960 Ti and GeForce GTX 965 Ti are actually manufactured by simply cut-down GM204 graphic processors with "256 bit" memory bus. The GeForce GTX 960 Ti gonna support 1280 extreme processors, whereas the actual GeForce GTX 965 Ti may feature 1536 high processors.

What's the fact here guys, the GeForce GTX 960 sports is respectively a low-performance graphics processing unit, this graphic card might barely defeat the GeForce GTX 760, in accordance with data published by The GeForce GTX 960 Ti and 965 Ti graphics cards will absolutely offer you guys considerably higher overall performance, which is much like of the GeForce GTX 780 performance.

GeForce GTX 960, geforce gtx 960 ti, geforce gtx 965 Ti, GM204, GM206, news, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 benchmarks

It's expected that all three new GeForce GTX graphics cards are going to be announced on the 23rd of January, 2015.
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