Saturday, 12 March 2016

Easy Ways To Transfer Photos from LG from Phone to Computer

LG phone, as the LG G2, lets you experience the enjoyment of photography. If you like shooting photos with LG phone football scan the images you want. , Transferring the photos from the phone to the computer is not well with the difficult work of the LG. 1 2 In this part, the lower it is easy to enumerate the ways of thy hands, and to understand that they can not find some way of ingratiating.

Solution 1: Transfer pictures from LG phone to computer with the USB cable:

It's easy. All you need is a USB cable.

First, plug in a USB cable to connect your computer LG Android phone. LG computer will immediately detect your phone.

Then go to my General consideration LG drive. As you see, to shoot photos saved DCIM folder.

For this you open the window, the images of the wind adipiscing drag and drop the folder.

It sounds easy, right? Aside from the fact, that for the most part with the exception of those who are too much to be ignorant, LG on the phone to send photos. These photos are usually the result of playing apps or searching the internet to your LG phone, which can easily be ignored.

If it is easy to find because they do not know, and in many folders LG phones. Therefore, it is so easy to find a computer to find and copy the photos to send to?

Yes. This is simply to follow. But we need help. What is Wonder-share MobileGo for Android (Windows) or Wondershare MobileGo for Android Pro (Mac) . This is an effective instrument which measures the images of your desktop manager, Android LG phone and move them in batches customer.

Solutio II: Download photos from phone LG G4 to a computer with a tool:

Mac or windows download and install on your computer, just as a poem. While we were here, and I will be occupied with both good grades are to be simple to show the Windows version.

Step 1: Connect LG phone to computer:

MobileGo for Android Run progress in computer. Instead of using two have connecting. One is to plug the smaller end of the USB cable LG phone tip plug into the base. Secondly, a thing is said to be the way of being of Wifi. Before WiFi connection, you must install the APK file on your phone LG MobileGo first. Then your LG phone appears in the primary window.

Easy Ways To Transfer Photos from LG from Phone to Computer

Step 2: Copy photos from LG to computer:

On the left side, click on the triangle next to the images . Under the all photo Photo Linked to this category are the folders on your phone LG. Open the folder you want to choose photos to export. Then click Import . Browse the computer, and set the destination. Then begins the transfer photo. When it's over, click the Close or Open Folder to check the exported images.

Easy Ways To Transfer Photos from LG from Phone to Computer

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