Friday, 2 May 2014

New software updates for the HTC Windows Phone 8

Nokia, Huawei, Windows Phone Store, Microsoft, OTA, Windows Phone 8, Beats Audio, HTC, Microsoft, update, Update HTCThe Taiwanese phone maker HTC has launched a new software update for its two devices equipped with Microsoft Windows Phone 8 operating system. They consist of small improvements most notably while using the Beats Audio for music playback. The distribution is done globally and is coming OTA.
Recently Nokia has grabbed all the attention on the operating system of Microsoft with the launch of the Nokia Lumia 925 . Now that calm has returned to Windows Phone 8 more manufacturers begin to take tentative steps to remind users that the Finnish manufacturer is not the only one on board this ship. If yesterday we announced the creation by Huawei own section in the Windows Phone Store for their unique applications , today we bring good news for users of devices Windows Phone 8manufactured by HTC .
Despite their poor economic and organizational environment , HTC continues to make modest improvements to its equipped with the new version of the operating system terminals Microsoft . In the past 48 hours has started the global deployment of small improvements in software for both Windows Phone 8X by HTC as the HTC Windows Phone 8S by . This update is done via OTA ( Over The Air ), as happens with all devices equipped with Windows Phone 8 .
Nokia, Huawei, Windows Phone Store, Microsoft, OTA, Windows Phone 8, Beats Audio, HTC, Microsoft, update, Update HTC

There is evidence of three updates whose version numbers are:
  • Attentive phone - v2.5 : Improved management of volume and timbre, though it seems to be the expected differentiation among multimedia and telephone
  • Beats Audio - v3.5 : Fixes reported problems and refererentes connected headphones and locks on the volume keys
  • Regulatory - v1.3 : It seems that simply adds information about the rules of use
Undoubtedly the most prominent, to solve potential performance problems, it is the update on technology Beats Audio . In any case it is positive to see that HTC is still there for what happened, along with rumors of HTC Tiara , suggests that this summer when Microsoft distributes the update GDR2 the Taiwanese manufacturer will do its best not to delay his arrival to bet on their terminals.
Would you have gotten the update? Have you noticed any improvement?


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