Monday, 28 April 2014

IBM Launches Cloud Service Store

Big Blue is positioned to turn the segment of marketplaces dedicated to cloud services. The publisher has just launched Cloud marketplace, shop gathering applications and cloud services and partner offerings.
With Cloud marketplace , IBM aims to facilitate and accelerate the adoption of hybrid cloud, that is to say the possibility for companies to combine their systems on-premise or legacy applications with cloud-based.
In his shop, launch, IBM provides cloud services ranging from analysis of Big Data security and mobile. Among the partners expected to join the platform, IBM cites Zend, SendGrid, MongoDB, NewRelic, Redis Labs, Sonian, Flow Search Corp., Twilio and Ustream publishers.
Another announcement also by IBM: development (30 new services) from its open cloud platform(PaaS Open Source) BlueMix. This allows developers to build and test their cloud applications before eventually commercialize via the new IBM Cloud marketplace.
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Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Hybird Cloud Six Lacks

1 - Heterogeneity and lack of standard

The main obstacle to the success of hybrid cloud is the lack of standardization. "A hybrid cloud impose structural choices for the internal IF and limiting vis-à-vis public clouds supported," says Yves Pellemans, technical director of APX. To make seamless hybrid cloud, it must adopt the same technology throughout, even among providers of public clouds.
Hybrid Cloud, synthesis, Private Cloud, Public Cloud, CIO, Virtualization, Cloud computing"Theoretically, OpenStack is expected to make the hybrid heterogeneous environment but it is not yet a promise," said Marc Gourlan in charge of business development of cloud computing at BU CSC.
One solution is to ignore the layers of virtualization and features provisioning to settle for hybridization at the application level. "We then deploy the same application, both public and private side, maintaining the same levels of versions and patches," says Yves Pellemans.

2 - Heavy technological and application constraints

Enemy of the hybrid cloud, latency slows trade between remote application components. "In France, it is not a problem if you put the price by using the fiber and optimizing flows," Yves Pellemans advance. But this has a cost and technical lock becomes economical.
Another way to circumvent the obstacle: Rethinking the application architecture or accept limitations. "Applications should not need access to a database shared by the private cloud and public cloud data" provides an example Julien Contal.
You can also simply move virtual machines (VMs) between private cloud and public cloud. "But it is never transparent, particularly in terms of IP addressing. In addition, these VM running applications whose data exchange will risk always ask latency issues, "retorted Julien Contal.
Another technological constraint: identity management and authorization also becomes complex hybrid environment.

3 - A weight often existing heavy

"To make the hybrid cloud, you must first convert the information private cloud system," asserts Yves Pellemans. Swathes of SI then be incompatible with the notion of private cloud. Especially since it must be able to reproduce in the public cloud. However, there is little clouds deals mainframe world or proprietary Unix. "In addition, there are licensing issues, some publishers do not allow deployment in the cloud," says Julien Contal.
This weight is existing as virtually prohibits changing applications to a hybrid cloud PaaS category."It will be limited to new applications. They are based on a specific development or a software package, we will ensure they are PaaS "compatible explains Julien Contal.
In this context, the software will decline their offers in several forms, SaaS and PaaS package in addition to the version on-premise . What is even often the case.

4 - Cost control: the hybrid cloud is not a panacea

The public cloud is supposed to offer better visibility of costs, which vary according to the needs.It allows you to choose in each case, the private or public mode. But it can also be a source of slippage. "When data between private and public clouds are synchronized, for example in the context of a PRA, services must run continuously on the public cloud and data volumes can be significant, which creates a risk of explosion costs, "says Julien Contal.
Especially since many public cloud offerings are priced bandwidth. This problem then joined the network architecture and application, which should restrict trade between distant clouds.

5 - The sometimes prohibitive regulatory and security constraints

Regulatory and security constraints often prevent data out of the private cloud. Never mind: the hybrid cloud is rightly to choose the best option based on these constraints. Except that the use cases most often cited by firms is the PRA, which by definition target the most critical applications."Now, a PRA in hybrid mode imposes a continuous output of critical data to duplicate in the public cloud, "says Julien Contal.

6 - A slow change in attitudes and organization

The company itself, DSI head, is perhaps the first brake hybrid cloud. "This is a big change for the functional and technical teams, which should agree on what can be provisioned in the public cloud services rather than resources thinking." Says Yves Pellemans.
You should also add a social dimension. Door wide open to the public cloud, hybrid cloud is synonymous effect of outsourcing part of the ISD.

WhatsApp climbed to 500 million active users

Redeem by WhatsApp Facebook - and its reputation for processing personal data - did he seem depressed the growth rate of the user base of mobile application.
Facebook, Application, Mobile, Numbers, WhatsappInstead, the hype, driven by record amount paid by Facebook ( $ 19 billion ) clearly discover WhatsApp to numerous users. In two months, the publisher has attracted 50 million new members .
WhatsApp now boasts 500 million active users worldwide. It brings the application of the goal that is set Mark Zuckerberg . Halfway is crossed 500 million users lack to reach the billion provided by the founder of Facebook.
To support its growth, WhatsApp can count on Brazil, India, Mexico and Russia, where its development is the fastest. The editor provides other figures also: 700 million photos and 100 million videos each day via the shared application.

Monday, 21 April 2014

AMD renewed the assault datacenter, including with ARM processors

Market companies and data centers has allowed Intel to limit the effects of the fall in PC sales and its still weak performance in the field of mobile devices.
This market also represents a growth opportunity for the big rival Intel, namely AMD. The firm intends to return to the offensive - she has a choice? - As confirmed by its product road-map , just formalized.
Microserveurs as the angle of attack 
To expand its presence in the market for corporate servers and the datacenter, AMD will build on x86 CPU and APU, but also on ARM processors, which clearly differs from its competitor.
The first ARM CPU refiner will, like its other processors, introduced to the market in 2014 It is a 64-bit processor, low power consumption, code-named "Seattle" will -. And based on ARM Cortex A57 .
AMD, Processors, ARM, Datacenter
"Berlin" is a new APU (x86), also planned for 2014, and incorporating the hearts of "Steamroller" processors. AMD promises a doubling of performance over these Kyoto processors.
Latest ad refiner "Warsaw" for 2P/4P and intended for highly virtualized computing environments servers.

Hybrid Cloud inconsistent with the culture of the department?

According to a Gartner study , by the end of 2017, nearly half of the companies have implemented hybrid cloud deployments . Analysts believe that the hybrid cloud (where some resources are managed internally and by other external providers) is the point where the private cloud was there three years.
However, if most companies today use one form or another private cloud computing, Gartner notes that a number of obstacles impede more rapid adoption of these solutions. According to Thomas Bittman, vice president of Gartner, agility is the main problem.
Gartner study, hybrid cloud, Thomas Bittman, Mr. Bittman, Hybrid Cloud synthesis, Cloud computing, CIOTo Mr. Bittman, that agility is the key driver of private cloud computing, IT departments need to understand how their current level of services it can really make a difference. They should ask themselves, "What new services would be useful if they were provided so agile, and they must work closely with their clients to answer these questions," he says.
According to him, companies that have already started their private cloud projects often neglect issues related to the technologies themselves. This is partly due to the immaturity of some of the technologies on which the private cloud based, and partly by the fact that many companies realize a significant customization work is necessary to obtain satisfactory products from scratch.
Adapt the technical expertise to automated operation 
But, according to Gartner, the transformations required to use these technologies are even more difficult to implement. "Cloud services business processes require both rapid and tailored services provided," said Thomas Bittman.
"Computer literacy focuses on the technical expertise that is deeply rooted within IT departments do not fit a model of self-service operation, fully automatic, requiring based on teamwork approach oriented services. "
In other words, culture existing within the IT departments drives them to seek technical solutions to what they see as technical problems, whereas in today's world, it is non-technical solutions that are usually necessary.
"Too often, the private cloud projects begin with the choice of technology, but it is not the technology itself that will solve problems related to the processing teams and processes," says Bittman. Gartner proposes a radical solution: if there is no question of eliminating block IT departments must at least find different approaches that can improve the way they work.
Transform teams and processes 
"It is best to start by focusing on an approach to achieve the necessary transformation," says Bittman. "In many cases, this involves creating a separate organization, separate from traditional IT processes (at least during the incubation phase of these projects), and focus primarily on a simple project that everyone agrees with the IT department and its clients. "
According to Gartner, progress in private cloud are extremely variable, the majority of small-scale deployments starting with a limited scope and functionality. "However, as these private cloud solutions will grow, the resulting cloud infrastructures are likely based on the technologies chosen for pilot projects," analysts said.

Dell tries to counter Apple with Precision M3800

If Apple holds the media field with its new MacBook Pro , Dell remembers our good memories by unveiling its new range of workstations. The idea is simple: do more for less. Too bad the product design Texan is still dull.
Still, the Precision M3800 is a beautiful beast race supposed to meet high requirements. This notebook has a 15.6-inch multitouch screen + Quad HD (3200x1800 pixels) or FHD (1920x1080 pixels), depending on the choice of the user.
Apple, MacBook, Pro Laptop, Dell, M3800, NVIDIA Quadro 
Under the hood is an Intel Core i7-4702HQ 4 core 3.2GHz processor, supported by a NVIDIA Quadro K1100M graphics card, 1.5 TB of storage (HDD and SSD), all under Windows 8.1 Pro 64-bit. Autonomy is announced at 10:00.
Despite these specifications, the machine retains reasonable proportions: 1,88 kg format 18mm x 372mm x 254mm. The Precision M3800 is available from 1399 euros HT and will be available in November.

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Windows Phone: Microsoft opens the response of developers to test comments

Application, Windows Phone 8, Development, community

Not always easy to be a developer and offer its applications on online shops. Microsoft wants to address the current lack of dialogue in the Windows Phone Marketplace. He announced at the recent BUILD conference next introduction of a new feature: the response to comments.
Keep in touch with the community
Bad grades and comments can quickly make and break a reputation, and influence the ranking and therefore the distribution of applications. A comment was beautiful report a bug on an older version of the application, it may hurt the developer, even if it has been corrected.
So Microsoft wants to enable publishers to keep in touch with their community. Response to comments, report fixes or new features requested on the Windows Phone Marketplace ... The program is not yet finalized, and should be open in May.
Unable to insult users
For now, the giant announces that a pilot program has been established for a small number of developers in the United States only. On the Review tab of the Dev Center, they will be able to quickly review the comments and send a reply automatically translated on selected markets, if necessary.
However, Microsoft warns that it is not a marketing tool to retrieve personal information from a user. It will simply inform "new features, bug fixes, as well as get feedback and ideas for improving the applications."
Limited to the United States as a first step, the system only works with the comments posted from a Windows Phone 8.1 device. Microsoft also warns users have the ability to tell tales if a developer abuse of the system. It thus incurs a revocation of its developers access ... No need to insult your users expect.

Apple ready to integrate Shazam Siri in iOS 8?

Apple, iOS, Music, Shazam Siri, iOS 8

Apple would incorporate in the next version of its mobile operating system, iOS 8, an application of musical discovery. It would not be a new default application but an implementation in depth, like what Apple did with LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook.
According to Bloomberg, which reports about the two sources "with knowledge of the product" , the update to iOS would "discover new music" by identifying a song with their iPhone or iPad. Just do not already the Shazam application, among others.
Apple, iOS, Music, Shazam Siri, iOS 8

Fast and intuitive access to the iTunes Store 
It is with the latter that Apple would work, exactly. For Apple, it would make sense. Of course, functionality gadget may seem at first sight - or at least one might imagine a downloadable standalone application sufficient to the task - but Apple has known interests in content, including music.
Leading seller of music in the world via the iTunes Store, Apple would offer a quick and intuitive access to its catalog, clean trigger purchases "favorite" songs on its online sales platform. It is unclear whether the detection of pieces could be coupled with iTunes Radio, scheduled for release in the United States this year, according to Bloomberg.
Siri integration 
By cons, we know how the application could be integrated Shazam: Siri, the voice assistant iOS, would ask a simple question like "What song is passing?" to give an answer and, one suspects, a link to the iTunes Store.
Shazam and Apple are already in partnership, as the former allows, upon recognition of a song, to get a direct link to the online store of Apple. The integration is simply greater and more transparent. Which would facilitate the distribution for Apple ... And give a boost to sacred Shazam, which has over 90 million monthly active users. As a reminder, iOS 8 to be unveiled on June 2, during the WWDC'14.

Intel makes his mark on cloud services

Intel, Cloud Computing, Cloud ServicesThe famous "Intel Inside" slogan that made ​​the heyday 'of Intel during the development of the PC market, will be reborn in another form, this time in the cloud. The name changes, but the marketing principle is the same: to reassure customers about the quality and performance of a cloud infrastructure indicating the presence of Intel technologies.
The "Powered by Intel Cloud Technology" label will be taken by 16 operators of cloud infrastructure services such as a service (IaaS). They tell their potential customers the features of Intel components including the processor model and its compatibility with additional functions such as AES encryption.
Revenue increase IaaS 41% by 2016
"In a context where income sector infrastructure as a service (Infrastructure as a Service - IaaS) are expected to increase 41% by 2016 (source: IDC), and where more and more companies consider the possibility of outsource their IT services, the technology that powers the cloud services and applications takes unprecedented importance, "Intel said in a statement.
Besides his new label, the founder also runs a search engine, Intel Cloud Finder, which allows you to find suppliers of cloud services that use its technology. (Eureka Press)

Friday, 18 April 2014

Cloud Computing - Benefits of SaaS in the project management of an SME

Duxter, social network for gamers, is a company of eight people with a network of providers on the West Coast of the United States and the United Kingdom. It manages the majority of its business booming with Teambox, a platform based collaboration SaaS (software application).
Using Teambox by Duxter shows that even a small business can take advantage of a SaaS-based collaboration to strengthen project management and collaboration.
Team involvement provider 
Adam Lieb, CEO and cofounder of Duxter, traces the history of Duxter with Teambox: "We use Teambox for quite some time I do not remember exactly how long we used various collaboration tools We are a small company... and it is easy to adopt a new tool. We tried a bunch of different tools that we have not agreed for one reason or another. "
The great advantage Duxter found with Teambox is that it has obtained the favor of the whole company, including those in charge of development and marketing. Adam Lieb explains: "Most of the other tools we found were either management tools useful projects for the development or useful tools for collaborative planning or projects with Teambox, we found the combination of the two. which made everyone agrees. "

Selection Process

Technology, IT and SMEs, Collaborative, Cloud computing, SaaSSMEs such as Duxter have an easier time with the process of selecting a solution project management or collaboration. "We proceeded by trial and error. We were even fewer at the time," notes Adam Lieb. "I was usually the first to test a solution, because I was the main instigator of the process and because it was something that would help me there."
Another advantage was that Duxter Teambox is simple to use and easy to understand.Perhaps more powerful and robust other tools they reviewed were, but they involved a high learning curve, and then the product was not easy to use and was not intuitive.
Low learning curve and ease of use 
"Teambox is easy to use and accessible to all," said Adam Lieb. "So to sum up, I did the tests, then I gradually sought the opinion of others to see if they were satisfied, and once we have determined that the tool suited us, we just validated our choice. "
The adoption of Teambox also allowed Duxter save on the price paid position for multiple applications of project management and collaboration that the company had in place previously.

Migration Teambox

Many business documents Duxter were already in the cloud, which simplified migration Teambox."We have always used Google Docs and Dropbox," says Adam Lieb. "Teambox integrates both, so we did not have to incorporate our documents. Collaboration became easier."
In fact, the bulk of the migration tasks and projects concerned the previous management tools and collaborative projects.
Duxter could also use the API Teambox to his advantage. "We had a standalone tool comments on our site that we developed ourselves and allow our users to click a button to report bugs or suggest us ideas," tells Adam Lieb. "So after we adopted Teambox, we simply created a bridge between our site and using Teambox Teambox API. From there, we were able to migrate all of our problems and bugs custom system to Teambox the system. It only took a day of work to transfer everything. "
Communication and improved workflow 
Although Adam Lieb says that there has been no fundamental changes in the activities of Duxter when they migrated to Teambox, there has still been changes in processes. Now, when a user reports a bug on the site, a task is created and assigned to a Teambox project manager for the purpose of prioritization.
The task is then to be determined and communicated to the user, is transformed into a task bug fixes for the development team. This has somewhat changed their workflow.
"I think it has improved communications and workflow, but also the documentation on what individuals do and when, and on the progress of a project. Clearly I see an improvement," enthuses Adam Lieb.

Collaboration with others

SMEs collaborate with many partners and other third parties and used Duxter Teambox to work with others in a rather profitable. For providers and external advisors, Teambox is a much better solution to keep everyone in the same sphere.
"Many of the tools we used were internal and other pricing models were designed so that the addition of a person represented about $ 15 more per month. So when you have a service provider or an independent you joined on a project and you do not necessarily want it accesses your internal tools, you end up spending more money, "complained Adam Lieb.
Simplified an outsider integration project 
"Teambox is simple enough to add a person and involve a single project or a single task and allow it to work with the team. This allows you to work more easily with anyone outside the company, as if it were present in the company. This is a bit more intuitive and convenient to communicate by e-mail, which is the usual way with outsiders. "
Similarly, with counselors and others indirectly related to the business, Duxter could integrate the system without involving them in all projects. A separate section is dedicated to them where it is easy to maintain.

Improvements in productivity and transparency

"The addition of this extra layer of process proved useful as the business grew. We did not do this when we were only four working in a garage," says Adam Lieb. "It was a little easier when everyone was minding his own tasks. But as the team has grown, this level of process has made us more efficient as a team, because we lose less time to communicate. "
For companies the size of Duxter, it is very significant to have a single tool that can bring everyone together. The entire company has a better workflow and better synergy now that everyone uses the same system.
"I compartimentais all in my head," says Adam Lieb. "Here, the technical work. Again, everything else. This is for us a great advantage of being able to follow a single location project progress from beginning to end, from ideas to customer surveys, to by the specifications, design, coding, and quality assurance. "

The key to adoption

The key element that led to adopt Duxter Teambox was that leaders "were convinced in advance that this was the right decision for the company," says Adam Lieb. "We also need to integrate the workflow by making it mandatory."
Teambox Duxter even help to better integrate new employees. Adam Lieb notes that new employees use Teambox faster today than in the past.
"It is easier to interact with people you've never really worked through before Teambox rather than by email. Teambox Create a task or a problem to comment Teambox is a" barrier "more easily surmountable . For new employees, it is less intimidating and easier to communicate by leaving a comment on Teambox a problem. "
Technology, IT and SMEs, Collaborative, Cloud computing, SaaS
Reporting tasks in Teambox

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Tizen Smartphone 2014: Samsung soon less dependent on Android?

Tizen in stores soon Samsung announced Reuters : first smartphone to be launched in the second quarter of 2014 It will be a high-end device, similar to what the brand is on Android. A second smartphone should follow thereafter announced without dates, which would position itself in the middle range.
Samsung, announced, ReutersHigh, mid-range, under, Tizen, Google, Samsung  Tizen, OS, Mobile

This new and recent arrival watches connected Gear second generation under Tizen shows that Samsung always looking for a way to loosen a little the ties that attach to Google and its mobile operating system, Android.
High and mid-range under Tizen
Samsung sells many Windows Phone devices, but not to be mistaken: he became the first manufacturer of smartphones in the world, is using - and feeding - the success of Android . Tizen must address this issue.
Especially for Samsung, Google will keep an eye on changes in Android is clear. 's call to order made ​​by Google in January, is emblematic of this business relationship success, but source tension and competition between the ambitions of two giants.
Samsung therefore seeks to take some air. Tizen could offer him. Certainly, he must successfully entered the smartphone market. Samsung is betting that consumers buy a Galaxy S4 or S5 Galaxy, and not a "high-end Android smartphone." In short, it relies on its brand to him rather than on Google.
Gamble but appears as a one-way street. Samsung rushes headlong hoping the challenge, seeing the only exit. No way to turn back now. It remains to be seen, however, whether the strategy of South Korean giant - to watch on your wrist connected in Tizen users before attacking with his smartphone - is good.
Not to offend Google 
"Android should remain our core business," however prevents the manufacturer. Tizen and Windows Phone are seen as a way to reach markets that Android can not reach, he told Reuters.One wonders where, and wait to see.
Especially since the release of a "high end" device does not show the segment will offer depending on the OS. Both smartphones seem to face a battery position S5 and facing a cheaper model, as Ace. Where are the Android market can not reach? Samsung tries he to spare Google?
The manufacturer currently more interest, especially if Tizen is open source, it uses some components closed Android. Samsung and pay a fee to Google for this integration. For the rest, we do not know the specifications of the mobile. It is therefore possible that they are not directly comparable with the high-end and mid-range Android. Still, it will take care ... Samsung has just announced a show connected on Android before the end of the year. Diplomacy?
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