Friday, 30 May 2014

First image of the Nokia Lumia 530

Nokia Lumia 520
During the last event in the Build conference Microsoft presented its latest handsets Nokia Nokia Lumia 930, Nokia Lumia 635 and Nokia Lumia 630, the latter has already begun to be distributed in several markets. However many expect a new low-end Nokia Lumia comes succeed 520, which is currently the best selling terminal with Windows Phone platform. Today we showed what could be the first image of the upcoming Nokia Lumia 530 .
Weeks ago has been speculating that the new terminal Nokia input range . First was the Evleaks itself through Twitter, who posted that the codename Nokia Rock is actually the Nokia Lumia 530. Also several weeks ago we discussed your internal name may be RM-1027 . A few days ago Evlekas returned to give a code name, in this case Nokia Rise, which would be the version of the Nokia Lumia 530 for the U.S. carrier T-Mobile.
Successor of the Nokia Lumia 520
In the filtered image can see that could be the Nokia Lumia 530, along with the other two terminals recently presented by Nokia. We can see that would have a design similar to the Nokia Lumia 630 , as their edges are more rounded. It will include physical navigation buttons back, home and search. Your screen would also be less than its big brother, goes 4 or 4.3 inches. Like the Nokia Lumia 520 will suffer from front camera.
At the top we see the Nokia logo is still maintained , so Microsoft will continue to use the badge for their upcoming Finnish terminals. The Nokia Lumia 530 may have 512 MB ​​of RAM, despite criticism from many users on this feature in the Nokia Lumia 630. What is clear is that if you want to return to reap the same success with the Nokia Lumia 520 will have to maintain the excellent quality of the terminal at a very competitive price, and we are seeing very interesting bets as the Motorola Moto E that will cost only 119 euros.
What features does it have the Nokia 530 Lumia to be a bestseller?

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Microsoft updates two weeks later we have the updated Xbox Music

Windows Phone 8.1 Preview, Microsoft Xbox Music
The music app we've seen go with Windows Phone 8.1 Preview has been met with widespread criticism, both in performance and functionality. So, it seemed that the idea of removing the native application on the operating system and make a new application was not too good. But waylaid Microsoft Xbox Music stating that I would be ready for the official launch and that upgrades independent of the operating system would be conducted every two weeks and help achieve this.
And it looks like we will have to give the reason for Microsoft. So, every two weeks or so is coming one update that fixes stability issues and enable new features that existed in the same native application but was lost in this application.
So with the update that just arrived from their news stands around a request of many users. And in Xbox Music had lost the ability to advance to the next song or back to the previous sliding a finger to the right or left. So, with this update, is back this functionality but sliding your finger up or down . Why not to the right or left? Because the playback screen is part of a pivot and that gesture is used to change the application section.
In addition to the return of this functionality, there are other significant improvements, such as asignificant reduction in the header with the name of the application . Leaving more room for important application information. A new release also highly demanded by users, and showing that Microsoft is hearing increasingly more to those who will use your products and adapts to them.
These developments are welcome, but they sure are not enough for many. Since some users will continue to have waiting more than 100 songs in a playlist , and the acclaimed Live Tile support for, or transparent Live Tile . Hopefully we come in future updates.
Windows Phone Store | Xbox Music

All Available Versions Of The New Surface Pro 3

Surface Pro 3, Surface Pro 3 prices, Surface Pro 3 All versions
 As well advanced in the leak a few days ago , there will be a wide range of models of the Surface Pro 3. With this move, Microsoft ensures availability of use of a tablet from Microsoft to anyone who requests , facilitating in accessing them. So these would be versions available:

  • Intel Core i3 Processor, 4GB RAM and 64GB storage - 799 euros
  • Intel Core i5 Processor, 4GB RAM and 128GB storage - 999 euros
  • Processor Intel Core i5, 8GB RAM and 256GB storage - 1299 euros
  • Processor Intel Core i7, 8GB RAM and 256GB storage - 1549 euros
  • Processor Intel Core i7, 8GB RAM and 512GB storage - 1949 euros

Needless to say, all models will port USB 3.0 full-size video output Mini DisplayPort and an SD card reader , front and rear 5-megapixel camera, up to 9 hours of autonomy and Windows 8.1 Pro The colors that we acquire the tablet would be black, purple, cyan and red.
Along with the tablet, we can acquire the official Type Keyboard Cover, we will have available in red, black, purple, cyan and blue . It has managed to reduce by 10% the thickness regarding the Surface Pro 2 with the keyboard position. On the other hand, we have the inclusion of the new Surface Pen , a new stylus and improved Kickstand now allows Surface recline in different positions ranging from 22 to 150 degrees.
Speaking exclusively to prices, we see versions will be among the 799 and 1,949 euros . We also know the estimated price of the new accessories, new Type Cover 129.99 euros was given an additional cost us 49.99 euros Pen and station / dock would rise to 199.99 euros, among others.
As far as availability is concerned, come to Spain for the end of August as we know has made ​​Microsoft , but now bookable. If ye find it very expensive to acquire a Surface Pro 3, do not forget to promote FNAC with which one can get a Pro Surface or Surface 2 together with a mobile Lumia for an affordable price.

Facebook for Windows Phone gets a minor update

Facebook official
Facebook was updated to version in the case of using Windows Phone 8.1 . Do not expect big changes, we're talking about a minor update to fix some bugs and improve performance . In terms of the interface and options no news for now. If you do not even the Windows Phone Store warned that a new version you can update manually searching for the app in the store.
Version 5.0 of the application of Facebook was developed from scratch completely, was seeking better performance, add a new interface, improved navigation and compatibility with most resolutions , among other things. We make it easy to see that our friends are doing, share updates, photos and videos.
An important aspect is the notifications, now receive an alert when our friends pressed on "Like" and put comments on our publications. could not miss the power in group discussions . They certainly did a great facelift to the application.
Most of the improvements were made ​​in version 5.2 . The notifications are faster and safer, and put ads for the chat, the main icon was redesigned, also the side of the chat, events, groups, pages and albums. Finally improvements messages, performance and included more languages.
Please remember that depending on the version of Windows Phone that you use you'll get a different version number of Facebook. Application works quite well and usually receives updates , it shows that Microsoft developed. We will see that improvements introduced soon, although summer a major update is expected. Facebook for Windows Phone does not have a very high score in the store, currently 3 stars out of 5.'s an application that uses many people and usually has all kinds of criticism.
Windows Phone Store | Facebook (free)

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

How to Easily Solve the storage problem Other of Windows Phone 8.1

Lumia 620, Windows Phone Storage Problem, Other
Since the advent of Windows Phone 8, many users start having Storage problems. So occupied that category of storage on Windows Phone 8. The reasons are many and seems to have been resolved gradually in each update, (GDR) up to Windows Phone 8.1 where we're gonna have a ultimate solution.

A little history: What "Other" means and Why it Grows?

The first thing is to know how the size of that category is calculated "other" when we go to the calculation device storage. Thus, this category is a catchall where included everything what I know and what I don't, Therefore:
"Other" = total storage capacity - size categories - free storage space
So, what types of the files we had in the category of "other"?
  • Files may be given, but that does not belong to any category: Such as messages, emails, downloaded maps, documents, etc..
  • Temporary files: Here would be included as loads of files photos or videos of OneDrive, thumbnails of pictures and online albums, Internet Explorer history other browsing data history, etc..
  • File types that are not recognized: Such as videos unrecognized files or non-Office, etc..
    But why not stop growing? Then we detail the official reasons.
  • Apps and downloaded games: Until the arrival of Windows Phone 8 GDR2, when we install any game, a copy of the installation of always kept in other, even if you uninstalled the application. These copies could not delete and remain in the category of other. 

    So, Unfortunately we always have to reset the phone to remove it. With Windows Phone 8 GDR2, that problem can solve by removing old files.
  • Automatic Loading OneDrive: In this case, when Windows Phone 8 GDR2 didn't invented, automatic load generated OneDrive is the thing that has temporary full-resolution photos and that could not be removed without resetting the phone.

    Now when fortunately Windows Phone 8 GDR2 improved that aspect generating smaller images, but it was not until the arrival of Windows Phone 8 GDR3 when you have to eliminate the previously stored images.
  • Photos of the Nokia camera application: Applications like Nokia Camera generates files that you can't handle directly. For example, full-resolution photos of the Lumia 1020. These files are counted in this category also.
  • Misclassified data applications: When Windows Phone 8 GDR3 didn't invent, we have  data associated with applications that are installed incorrectly classified in "other" rather within your application as well.

Windows Phone 8.1 and "other":

Well. With Windows Phone 8.1 the renovated section has reached storage sensor. In it, we have more categories, which has led to better detect each file, the other section has been reduced to a minimum.
Windows Phone 8.1 has also contributed all of the above improvements is actually carried out to Windows Phone with the installation files, automatic uploading photos, etc..  

So, as Windows Phone 8.1, this paragraph should be minimized. So, you can see in the picture below, how in almost a month of use my updated Windows Phone 8.1 Preview phone, I have that section to 0 bytes.

Solve the storage problem "Other" of Windows Phone 8.1

Sunday, 11 May 2014

Aerize Explorer receives a big update with many improvements

With the arrival of Windows Phone 8.1 Preview began dating file managers, was one of the first Windows Phone Explorer , although very basic, also Aerize Explorer. Precisely this last talk today because a few days ago received an update with many improvements.
In this version we can now select multiple files, thumbnail previews have , we can put live tilesof files and folders . The selection mode is very easy, just have to click on a file and keep it down, we will see that a context menu with all the options.
Among the options we give you the ability to select one or more files to share , copy, move, delete or even open them. We could not miss the cut and paste. All this we have done so to make it fast and easy.
Thanks to the different view modes can see folders with a normal or large size with compact view files will be seen on screen. Furthermore we will show information on these. Another interesting thing is the ability to pin files to the home screen , so you will access more quickly to form them. You can do the same with folders.
In general terms this update Explorer Aerize improved a lot, now complete and can be one of the best file managers for Windows Phone 8.1 . Although do not forget that Microsoft is working on its own file manager, would be ready by May, this means that possibly be available in the final version of Windows Phone 8.1 due out mid June .
With the arrival of the next update of Windows Phone many improvements are expected , we are already seeing a few since leaving the Preview. We may surprise and in the final version we find new features. Luckily for us it is less for launch.
Windows Phone Store | Aerize Explorer (free)

Microsoft update Xbox Music app

Music Windows Phone Application, Windows Phone 8.1
Many users of the developer release of Windows Phone 8.1 reported poor quality of the Music application, since it was an app separate, not integrated in the device efficiently, slow and often did not incorporate further functionality be a Live Tile. Two weeks ago was updated for the first time and just a few hours ago has received its second update .
The first update predicted fairly new, but finally it was bug fixes and performance enhancements in general. Addition to the upgrade and it was reported that every two weeks would receive a new version of the application , and in this case fulfilling its commitment, a few hours ago updated Microsoft Xbox Music again.
This is the version number 2.5.3884.0 , although the details in the Windows Phone Store say the new update brings performance improvements and bug fixes also brings two other major surprises. It is the ability to sync with the music and history in the cloud and in addition the playhead to the track we can slip a small circle to move forward or backward in it.
As you can see it is little improvement , although some more than the first update. We have to wait again two weeks to see if Microsoft finally updates its app Music and place up to similar apps like Nokia MixRadio quality because you still have many shortcomings that need to be incorporated in future updates. In some countries it is not yet available but will update possibly coming slowly in a few hours to all users.
Have you tried the new version of Xbox Music?
Windows Phone Store | Xbox Music (free)

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Meet the new Windows Phone 8.1 depth

Windows Phone 8.1 2014
Now that two weeks ago has launched Windows Phone 8.1 Preview , and since you commented in detail much of the news, we believe it is necessary to conduct a review of everything we have seen and learned of this new version of the operating system. To do this we will build on the tutorials already published and many of you have read it, but sure many other readers.


The first thing is to know what to do to be able to try Windows Phone 8.1 Preview . So, you know I need a special account, but that has no cost , and install a program in the terminal. With a few steps, you can be enjoying the Preview version. But yes, keep in mind that is not an official update from the manufacturer , so someone can be a problem. For example, we know that the Samsung ATIV S Camera problems exist, and Huawei is not possible or install. For Nokia have not heard major problems, but some cases of high battery consumption that some readers have managed to solve some advice, and we hope that Nokia has entirely cleared its official deployment.
  • Prepare your terminal to have Windows Phone 8.1 Preview

Home Screen

It is one of the sections where Windows Phone 8.1 has a more exciting update. So with this version have reached the three columns of Tiles for all terminals, taking the size it is. Some people seem too small, others love it, but what good is that has reached all phones and everyone can try. In Metro WinPhone we've explained how to configure them.
  • Sets the number of columns in the Start menu
On the other hand, it is now possible to set the background of Tiles in the Home. Not the same background settings that some expected, but really, the effect created is more than striking andgenerates a touch of class . Of course, we explain how Metro WinPhone set.
  • Set the background start Windows Phone 8.1
email setup windows phone 8.1

Notification Center and Selling Shares

Another new star has been the inclusion of Notification Center in this version of Windows Phone. Thus, it is now possible to have total control , and we can set the tone, if we notice, whether or not vibrate if the message is displayed, etc.. The best part is compatible with Live Tiles can remove notifications and leave the Live Tiles as before without saturating the notification center.
  • Configure your notification center
Moreover, the same menu has come another very requested new feature: quick actions . Allowing 4 or 5 shares set at hand at all times. Even though the screen is locked .
  • Configure your quick actions
  • Access the notification center even if the terminal is locked


It's a shame that it still in Spanish, because it sure would enjoy and admire how she is learning every day. But it's normal, that technology will launch in the native language to perfect and develop it for other languages ​​later.
Anyway, if you want to try Cortana in English , try to follow this tutorial:
  • Active Cortana in your Windows Phone 8.1

Using SD card

Windows Phone features achieve exceptional performance in low-end terminals. And in that range, the use of the SD card is usually quite important. Thus, already in Windows Phone 8 could use for photos, videos, music and more. But now with Windows Phone 8.1 has gone a step further: you can install applications on the SD card .
  • Set to install applications on SD card
  • Move installed apps to SD card


We continue with the latest news, and in this case, we know that now is the keyboard with stand swype to Windows Phone and is proud to be one of the best of all platforms. No need tutorial or anything, since it is not necessary to activate it (if it enabled the predictive keyboard) and use it directly.
But still, you've missed any key on your keyboard new Windows Phone 8.1, as well now can not find the point . Well, we tell you how to recover it.
  • Retrieves the comma on the keyboard of Windows Phone 8.1

Battery Management

Another important aspect of any mobile is the battery management. So Windows Phone 8.1 brings the section on battery saving improved, and allow us to see the consumption per application plus to block background applications.
  • Manages the battery in Windows Phone 8.1

Cortana Settings for windows phone 8.1, battery management
Synchronizing Data

It has also been seen with Windows Phone 8.1 has come the possibility of configuration synchronization through One-drive with Windows 8. way we can have synchronized color, bookmarks, passwords and configuration data from other applications.
  • Synchronize data between Windows Phone and Windows

List of calls and speed dial

Another aspect has been touched up a list of calls and the incorporation of the speed dial . It is not that there is really missed, but certainly many people will be helpful to have your contacts handy.
  • New on the list of calls and speed dial

Shop and implementation

The app store has also been changed both aesthetically and in its functionality . Now applications are better, and their details. Also accede easily to record installed applications and ability to have automatic updates (even setting that is updated only via WI-Fi).
  • Reinstall applications at the history
  • Force seeking Store update Windows Phone 8.1

Shop and implementation, Windows phone 8.1


Even something as basic as capture screen has changed in Windows Phone 8.1 , as this version of the operating system stops forcing terminals have keys for Home, Back, Search. So, you want to know how to do now to capture the screen?
  • Screen Capture in Windows Phone 8.1

Search the Phone

Microsoft is unifying increasingly mobile and desktop operating systems is a fact. So every time we have the same functions on each platform and arriving at a new, soon comes to another platform. For example, Windows 8.1 came with an advanced search by blending local data with data obtained through Bing. Same thing happened with Windows Phone 8.1, where now we can also look inside the device .
  • Searching for information within your phone with Windows Phone 8.1


And if all this does not convince you, or have insurmountable problems, provided you can go back to Windows Phone 8 .'s not easy, but possible. Therefore we have prepared a tutorial for operation is the Nokia Lumia.
  • Windows Phone 8.1 to Windows Phone 8


We expect all these tutorials and have served to aid you know better the new operating system and enjoy its new features . We know that some sections are as applying Podcast or Internet Explorer 11 to fund, but we understand more of the applications discussed below.
Anyway, if you consider or need to talk about any particular section, please solicitousness to prepare them in the comments.

Monday, 5 May 2014

The Best Miid-Range Smart Phones Of The Moment Android In Details

Huawei Ascend G6 4G, Samsung Galaxy S4 mini, Sony Xperia M2 One mini, HTC, LG G2 mini, We compared
After a lot of presentations and first impressions, we are gradually returning to normal, although there are still many hours of MWC 2014 in Barcelona.

While manufacturers are showing their terminals to reach most of the public as possible, with equipment for different ranges, the comparisons between them or are taking shape, and is that even as they say, comparisons are odious, of course there is nothing better to offer really know what each and every one of the terminals, leaving patent strengths and weaknesses becoming evident.
This time we want dueling to which we can classify as the best smartphones of the moment midrange. 

Although this list surely we could add many more, we decided to focus on the most recent models, finishes present, who actually joined two devices that could not be left out, and this comparison we will do with the variants LTE each.
So, Huawei, Samsung, LG, HTC and Sony face-to-face through a hole in the middle range, so are you going to lose?

The present:

To know them a little better, we will discuss each model separately, and know its main specifications.

Huawei Ascend G6 4G:

HUAWEI Ascend G6 4G
We can say without fear of error, that Huawei is one of the largest companies in the mobile industry, as Huawei demonstrates his incredible growth for a few months, which has much to do with the expertise of the firm in its products.
Now It debuted the new Huawei Ascend G6, a perfect mid-range to contend for at least the first part of the year, against opponents who will not be few, and each one harder. The Chinese company and rubs shoulders with the largest historically, offering the following features:

specification of Huawei Ascend G6 4G

Samsung Galaxy S4 mini:
Different colors of Samsung Galaxy mini S4
Why not, from among the dozens of different devices having the Samsung Galaxy family, you could be a small part of its crown jewel version, the Samsung Galaxy S4, albeit now with permission from newly introduced Samsung Galaxy S5 .
Thus, the Samsung Galaxy S4 mini came to stand up in a competitive mid-range, with specifications that
 would locate among the best in their operative sector within. We summarize in the following table:

specification of Samsung Galaxy S4 mini

Sony Xperia M2:
Sony Xperia M2_min (1)
Another which we decided to show you guys what it will be their average range for the next few months. Japanese giant Sony. With the introduction of Sony Xperia M2 , showed a terminal is consistent with what the company is doing for many months, that is, to continue their particular and restrained design.
In addition, the Sony Xperia M2 also features water resistance and dust, which almost nobody
can say within this range. Specification of Sony Xperia M2 (LTE):

specification of Sony Xperia M2
HTC One min:
One of the best mid-range screens
Having created one of the best smartphones of its history , the One HTC , the Taiwanese company decided to expand this family with two diametrically opposed models, one that would grow in size, and another shrug . The latter is at hand, the HTC One mini , your bet 2013 on the midrange, but at least until his successor is present, it will surely come months after the launch of the new top-of-war will continue.

Here are its specifications:
specification of HTC One Mini
LG G2 mini
LG G2 Mini
The last opponent call to battle is the LG G2 Mini , he advanced his presentation a few days before the MWC, and we have been able to prove at the fair . Most mortals we kept hoping that this time the South Korean firm follow in the footsteps of Sony , which as you know, throwing a "mini", the terminal Sony Xperia Z1 Compact , but only small on your screen, the rest of specifications corresponded to high-end, same as seen in his older brother, the Sony Xperia Z1 .
However, LG, ignoring that fact, bet again for a number of cuts insiginia regarding your ship , the LG G2, thus setting the LG G2 Mini clearly in the middle range . Then we leave the technical
characteristics of the device:

specification of LG G2 mini

We compared
It's time to compare some of the most important sections that really show us the possibilities of each.shall go!


Without any doubt, if there is a terminal that has highlighted positively in the design section, this has been the HTC One, whose elegant body unibody aluminum endowed the appearance of a premium . Of course, the company did not hesitate to offer a similar look on his little brother , so we could say thatthe HTC One mini has the best design within the average range , although, of course, this is very subjective.
Different varieties of colors in the Huawei Ascend G6
Mind you, Huawei, which already offered one of the best designs with your Huawei Ascend P6 , has also done a great job with the new Huawei Ascend P6, reusing aluminum, and adding a metal frame around its body, makes it very elegant . Furthermore, we can find it in different color combinations, for example, we can find a white model with that framework in gold.
With respect to other rivals, Samsung and Sony and LG are still using plastic in its entirety . The Samsung Galaxy S4 mini just differs with most teams in the firm, forgetting for a moment the size, and so does the LG G2 Sony Xperia mini and M2, which are in line with their older siblings . In the latter design is designed in part to take advantage of that protection to the liquid element, and dust particles .


If we look at the numbers on paper the HTC One mini offers the highest resolution of five teams , reaching 1280 x 720, ie, HD, resulting in a total of 342 pixels on each of its 4 3 inches, well above the figure of its rivals. Furthermore, the SuperLCD 2 technology is synonymous with quality.
The others have to make do with a qHD resolution, that although the Samsung Galaxy S4 mini may be sufficient for the average user because of the diagonal of "only" 4.3 inches, it gets worse when we look at the other teams , which with 4.5 inches on the Huawei Ascend G6, G2 LG 4.7 in 4.8 in the mini and Xperia Sony M2, seems too low.


At this point, we must emphasize the good hardware we see in the Sony Xperia M2 , which includes in its main chamber the large sensor Exmor RS house, this time 8 megapixel . Despite this, we can not conclude which is the best camera, and the smartphone Huawei also makes use of a Sony Exmor sensor RS, specifically the IMX134, also reached the 8-megapixel lens with f/2.0 aperture and 5P. Moreover, megapixel front camera exceeds that of its rivals, with 5.
Rear of Sony Xperia M2
Meanwhile, HTC decided to bet on your UltraPixel technology in a 4-megapixel camera, the results have failed to agree to most users, with reviews that classified as excellent, while the other cross out mediocre. As for the LG G2 mini and mini Samsung Galaxy S4, both mounted a similar setup , with 8 megapixel sensors for main camera, with 1.3 and 1.9 megapixel secondary, respectively.


Regarding the components that give life to the equipment, we are facing very similar in performance alternatives , and indeed we all make use of Qualcomm products, including Huawei. Thus, we shall consist of the 4 cores ARM Cortex-A7 systems smartphones latest, while HTC and Samsung models also incorporate Qualcomm decide Snapragon 400, but its dual-core Krait versions 300. Adreno GPU 305 is common to all.
We must mention the existence of a mini with LG G2 chipset NVIDIA Tegra 4i , a priori more powerful than the Qualcomm solutions discussed
In general lines we have a good experience
Thus, all devices enjoy sufficient performance for day to day , but of course, always speaking from the perspective of a user who does not usually do a very intensive use of equipment, such as playing the strongest titles of the moment. This does not mean that we can also have fun with them.


Apparently, the LG G2 mini will be the most updated equipment to its output, as will Android 4.4.2 KitKat, although the HTC One mini is now also getting a dose. The other options will remain pending receive this latest version of the system, and it seems the smartphone of Saamsung could be next.
Picture of the LG G2 mini
Each model features the particulate layer of customizing your company , although these layers seem to take an increasingly clean and like native Android course. However, not all choose this as Samsung, TouchWiz continues with a very distinctive look, or HTC Sense and its one of the best rated layer, although it is less intrusive than it was.


As we have seen over the comparison, we are facing devices performance on par, especially in regards to the raw power , and the differences are in details that make the positive point will drift back to one side or another. For example, in the section of the screen we can assume clear winner to HTC One mini, and other aspects such as design, this would be a tie between this device and the Huawei Ascend G6, while reiterating that this aspect is more a personal opinion .
On such an important point as the software is soon to know the support that ultimately count thesesmartphones by their manufacturers , although knowing the habits of some, it is easy to think of what the models that will soon be left in will the lurch.
In short, it seems that it makes sense to cater to the price of each to succeed in the purchase , and in this section is that we can indeed find greater differences clearly remain the models most expensive Samsung and HTC, despite having left Market makes over half a year.
Now, as always, it's your turn to review. Which of these smartphones would you choose if you had to choose a mid-range?
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