Monday, 31 March 2014

Funds transfer in real time using the application Whatsapp

Naish, Whatsapp

Old saying that necessity is the mother of invention, but today confirms specialists in entrepreneurship and investment that the presence of the need is the key factor for the success of any project.

Perhaps you, dear reader, you agree that we all seek the urgent need to have a quick and easy way to transfer money from one person to another without bothering complexity and follow the traditional methods and queuing in long lines to be able to transfer money from one country to another or from one person to another, especially if we take into account the time required to carry out such an operation, not to mention that it is no longer acceptable in this day, especially in light of the great technological development which Naish.

Many companies have been quick to adopt new technology and harnessed to the transfer of funds and make it easier for users - and you can see many of the initiatives in this regard from here - but most of these initiatives does not live up to the need of the user despite the existence of potential for it.

Technically, I see that it is easy to harness mobile to withdraw from ATM machines are available in most countries of the world and the region also, no doubt that the support of corporate communications for this process will yield to transform the dream into reality is staggering.

Here the following scenario:

Today you need to do a financial transfer to your brother who is studying in another country, and wish that he used the money immediately, and all you have to do is open Whatsapp and then choose Convert button, for example, and then select the person and the amount, and then execute the command by clicking a single!!! Message directly up to your brother that he received an amount of U.S. $ 100, for example, and can use his mobile device to withdraw money from any ATM machine instead of using a bank card.

There is no doubt that it will be amazing, and saves us time, effort and meets our needs are real.

Techniques currently available confirms that it is unenforceable, even if you're on the board of Facebook or Whatsapp, to take this matter seriously and put it under study for immediate implementation, especially in light of the large number of users.

If you are on the board of a telecommunications companies, what delayed for one second in the approval of the research and study of such a serious subject because of its economic feasibility and participate in the successes of others.

The question here is, do you really will be able to transfer money in and out in real time using
Mobile application!!

What do you think?

HTC Desire 316 reveal a low-cost smartphone

HTC Desire 316, Chinese market-oriented, Snapdragon 200, Qualcomm

HTC is looking for the new smart phone "HTC Desire 316", a device that falls under the category of low-cost phones.

HTC explained via its official Chinese market-oriented, that the phone "Desire 316" have a screen measuring 5 inches, works accurately qHD, and the degree of clarity of 540 × 960 pixels.

It features a new smartphone processor "Snapdragon 200" quad-core processor from the company "Qualcomm", a therapist who works at 1.2 GHz, and powered random access memory and 512 MB.

And has the "Desire 316" internal memory storage capacity of 4 GB expandable via external memory card of the type "Micro SD", works the phone operating system "Android 4.3", known simply as "Jelly between", and owns property news feeds Blink Feed that evolution " HTC ".

And supported the "HTC" her new smart camera 5 megapixel rear, another camera accurately Front VGA, as well as battery capacity of 1950 mAh / h, which is a phone that weighs 160 grams and a thickness of 9.7 mm.

And intends to "HTC" Ask a smartphone "Desire 316" during the next few days in the Chinese market, but the company did not specify the date of the device or ask price, or the date of its release in the rest of the world markets.

The new smartphone comes a few days after asking the company to phone the top category has, "and that IBM 8" One M8 , a phone which is available in two versions for consumers, a copy of "HTC" and a copy of "Google Play", and a copy of the developers.

Nokia Lumia 630 confirms specifications before disclosure

Nokia Lumia 630, Windows Phone 8.1, 480 × 800 pixels, Snapdragon 400, top tieacr, Moneypenny
Nokia for the main specifications of the smart phone, Lumia 630, which is expected to be the first mobile company's low-cost operating system Windows Phone 8.1.

Nokia explained in the poster of the smartphone device that will provide a screen measuring 4.5 inches, works precisely 480 × 800 pixels, in addition to the rear camera 5 megapixel flash light is not supported.

The company said that the phone will provide a processor Snapdragon 400 quad-core processor, to be device support random access memory and 1 GB RAM.

It is expected to reveal the "Nokia" on the phone, next to another device from within the phones "top tier", officially happened to her in the second day of next April, the same day that it will launch a "Microsoft" system "Windows Phone 8.1" users.

The company plans to provide phone, Lumia 630 to global markets at a price of around $ 160, and be supported by the advantage of running Dual connections.

The Microsoft has confirmed that the system "Windows Phone 8.1" will get the feature to support the installation of Dual contacts, making the phone "Lumia 630", which was developed by "Nokia" under the name Moneypenny, the first phones "Windows Phone" support for this feature.

The 8.1 version of the smart phone operating system developed by "Microsoft" will get a set of new features versions "Windows Phone" earlier, most notably feature PDA Center and notices.

Nokia Lumia 630, Windows Phone 8.1, 480 × 800 pixels, Snapdragon 400, top tieacr, Moneypenny

Saturday, 29 March 2014

Sources confirm to measure my copy iPhone 6 coming in September

Apple, iPhone 6, Pencchta, Bmas, Ghalaxy S 5, HTC, IBM 8 One M8

Informed sources, in one of the manufacturers of screens for the phones, "iPhone", the intention of the "Apple" put two different versions in the measurement of the new generation of smart phone.

The sources said, in remarks to the magazine "Nikkei" Japanese, "The Apple" will launch a new generation of phones, "iPhone", to be called the "iPhone 6", a copy includes screen with a measurement of 4.7 inches, and a copy of other larger-screen with a measurement of 5.5 inches.

The sources pointed out that the companies responsible for the manufacture of liquid crystal displays LCD, Pencchta own phone "iPhone 6", will begin operating in the production line of these companies during the second quarter of the current year, which starts in April and ends with the end of next July.

The companies will "Sharp" and "Japan display" and "LG" in making phone screens my copy "Apple" smart Next, the screens that sources confirmed that they will be marked at a resolution higher than the current screens.

It provides phone "iPhone 5 S", which is more mobile "Apple" currently available in the market is a force in the specifications, the LCD screen measuring 4 inches, and at a resolution of 640 × 1136 pixels, and the density of pixels estimated at 326 pixels per inch.

This, sources revealed that the "Apple" plans to the unveiling of the two copies of the smart phone is expected during the month of September, adding that the company began in agreement with the manufacturers of the rest of the phone components on the production deadlines.

The reports earlier had confirmed that "Apple" intends to provide a new generation of phones "iPhone" sensors to measure temperature, atmospheric pressure, humidity, in addition to the sensor to read the fingerprint more sophisticated than the sensor in the phone "iPhone 5 S", is also considering hardware support Bmash of the iris of the eye.

For its part, did not suspend the "Apple" on any of the reports that dealt with information about the new generation of phones in the series, "iPhone", and in spite of the detection of the two most prominent rivals, the company's phones have the top tier this year.

The "Samsung", which is the main competitor of the company "Apple" in the smartphone market, they have revealed a few weeks ago about her new smartphone " Galaxy S 5 ", while launched the" HTC "days before the smart phone" and that IBM 8 " One M8.

Yahoo plans to launch a service similar to YouTube

YouTube, Yahoo, Marissa Mayer, Trammel of "Google"
Yahoo is planning to launch a competitor's site to serve video sharing "YouTube", and for that company is currently working to attract stars "YouTube" networks and video production to display their content on its site is, as the relocation of "Racod" Re / Code informed sources.

The aim of Yahoo through its new website, which hopes to launch in the next few months, the exploitation of the material and a complaint of many video producers from reaping what they do not deserve money from the YouTube.

According to the website Racod, the officials said Yahoo for makers of video and business owners that the company can pay them more than what you pay "YouTube", either by improving advertising revenue or by offering rates announcement guaranteed to videos of their own.

The company intends to "Yahoo" release name "Yahoo Screen" Yahoo Screen Video Service on the upcoming, where one of the sources said the site "Racod" that "Yahoo Screen" was the first part of the plan, and now the company is working on the second part, which attract makers of the video.

The company has "Yahoo" in order to develop video platform one of its subsidiaries acquired video services like service "Fimo" Vimeo, according to one source.

In the case of true news, not "Yahoo Screen," the first service launched by the company, "Yahoo" under the presidency, "Marissa Mayer," where has been active since the company took Mayer as CEO in July 2012, putting many of the products that described the mission, including In that e-mail service "Yahoo Mail" and financial service "Yahoo Finance".

The move comes by Meyer, which was previously working for the company "Google", which seems to be quoted a lot of ideas during its presidency for "Yahoo", which Trammel of "Google", to restore "Yahoo" to its previous as one of the most important companies of Internet services in the world .

Friday, 28 March 2014

HTC unveils smart phone One M8

HTC One M8, Snapdragon, 801 Quad-core, Qualcomm, Technology, Turapeixl, Android 4.4, Kit Kat, flat interfaces
HTC is about his new smart  'M 8" One M8, which is a phone that will compete in the category of smart phones high specification, which won improvements in screen size and imaging capabilities, processor and battery and the power of the sound compared to the phone ONE, which was launched last year.

HTC explained  that 90 per cent of the external structure of the new phone is made of metal, compared with only 70 per cent in the phone, "and" One, also confirmed that the phone has the One M8 screen measuring 5 inches operate strictly Full HD.

The company is designing basic buttons, such as buttons "Home" and "Back to Back", the new phone to touch the screen, not the bottom as in a copy of last year, as the "HTC" merging headphones type BoomSound with her new, a speakers that make the sound of the phone more pronounced by 25% from last year's version.

The pulsing inside the smartphone processor One M8 "Snapdragon 801" Quad-core "Qualcomm", which works fast 2.3 GHz, in addition to the type of graphics processor Adreno 330.

And supported the "HTC" her new smart random access memory capacity of 2 GB uniform, while the user can choose between the internal storage Sotai 16 GB or 32 GB.

The smartphone feature provides increased memory capacity storage via external memory card of the type "Micro SD", and similar smart phones that have been launched recently, such as "Galaxy S 5", supports the machine running until the memory card capacity of 128 GB.

The phone features a new front camera 5 megapixel, in addition to the imaging system at its rear, named Duo Cameras, consisting of two cameras and powered flash light; operate basic camera system accurately 4 megapixel and Technology "Turapeixl", while specialized camera-ins captures the depth of the image, which is The camera, which is expected to reach 16 megapixel accuracy.

The "HTC" rear camera that allows the user to additional multiple benefits when the amendment to the image or add effects, and the rear camera system allows the user to capture video resolution Full HD.

The phone works One M8 operating system "Android 4.4", known simply as "Kit Kat", and the sixth version of the new user interface developed by Sense "HTC" specifically for smart phones.

And received UI Sense 6 new design method based on "flat interfaces," he got a new facade on the advantages, most notably a feature to run a number of properties move through the phone.

The new feature also lets you start some applications such as camera application or application news feeds BlinkFeed by moving the phone, it can also perform some functions such as unlock your phone without having to press any buttons.

And owns the phone One M8 new other advantages such as a special mode developed "HTC" to save battery power, a situation that allows the user to run his computer for 30 hours straight only 10% of the battery charge, a battery with a capacity of 2600 mAh / h.

The "HTC" will launch a new smartphone beginning of the day in a number of global markets, through 230 companies in Europe, North America, Asia, Africa and the Middle East, a phone which will be put in three colors are dark gray, silver and gold.
HTC One M8 Specificaion, HTC One M8, Snapdragon, 801 Quad-core, Qualcomm, Technology, Turapeixl, Android 4.4, Kit Kat, flat interfaces

ZTE unveils tablet with a camera phone Front accuracy 13 megapixel

ZTE, Nubia X6, 4250, Ex moor, RSS, Sony, Nokia X 6, U.S. $ 4872, GB ,32 GB
A company "ZTE" ZTE for new smart phone is described as the perfect solution for fans taking pictures of personal, private, and it is the first phone in the world comes with a camera 13 megapixel front accuracy.

Belongs "Nubia X 6" Nubia X6, a name that launched the company on her new, to the category of mobile tablet, it offers a screen measuring 6.3 inches, and a passive "Qualcomm Snapdragon 801" quad-core, and operated by a battery with a capacity of 4250 mAh courier.

The phone comes new Pkamirtin precisely 13 megapixel front and rear the same accuracy.

The degree of clarity in the phone's display, "Nubia X 6" to 1920 × 1080 pixels and the number of pixels per inch per to 344, this phone has an external structure is made of aluminum and supports Dual touch.

The phone will be available in two trims new tablet in terms of the capacity of RAM, 2 GB offers the first and the second with a capacity of 3 GB.

And features a camera phone company "ZTE" to the front side of high precision provided by, sensor "Exmoor RSS" EXMOR RS of "Sony" is able to capture high-quality images even in low-light conditions.

It is the code, the device runs the new version 4.3 "Jelly between the" operating system "Android" with the interface Free meals "Nubia 2.0" which allows the user to divide the screen into two distinct parts, each comprising a separate application works.

The company intends to "ZTE" put the phone "Nubia X 6" first in the Chinese market and then in global markets later this year, according to a company spokeswoman.

The starting price of the new phone to U.S. $ 487 for the model 2 GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal storage memory, as it will be available in two colors, white and gold.

Thursday, 27 March 2014

"Sony" does not intend to use the platform in its Android Wear

Sony, Android ware, Smart Watch 2, Ravi Nukala, CNET, Galaxy Gear
A company "Sony" they do not intend to use the platform "Android ware" Android Wear, which revealed the company "Google" recently , in the smart devices wearable hers, like an hour, "Smart Watch 2."

The official said the Gaza portable devices with "Sony" in the United States, "Ravi Nukala," the site "CNET," The company will continue to use its platform for the Bsaatha "smart watch", instead of moving to the platform "Android ware" which is planning " Google "through which to bring the operating system" Android "smart devices to wearable.

And contrary to the company "Sony" so rival companies that detect hours smart work platform "Android ware" new, like my company, " LG "and" Motorola ", and the" Samsung "which used the operating system" Android "in the first generation of their clocks smart" Galaxy Gear ", and then moved to adopt the open-source operating system" Teisen "in the second generation, which it called" Gear 2 "and" New Gear 2. "

The company "Sony" one of the leading companies in the smart subtract hours, it revealed a smart first hour in January 2012 and then launched last June her hour of second-generation "smart watch 2."

Apple recorded a patented system for imaging Bmstcharin separate

Apple, iPhone, iPad, tablet, HTC, One M8
Recorded the "Apple" two patents for different systems can be used to improve the processes of image capture and secure data in its smart phones, such as "iPhone" computers and "iPad" tablet.

The first allows the patent to the company "Apple" produce smart devices for imaging system includes a sensing separate dedicated to work together when taking a picture.

The company said in the patent to the first sensor in the system will be responsible for the information on the lighting in the snapshot, while the second sensor is responsible for the information in color.

The "Apple" that the division sensing imaging system to improve the quality of the footage and reduce the noise out, and will allow the company to produce thinner devices, which will take up less space after Almstcharin distributed separately within the structure of the device.

The imaging system using sensing soon separate from the system adopted by the "HTC" in her new Smart One M8 , except that the phone, which was unveiled Tuesday uses a camera to capture the additional depth of the image.

This, and the company received a second patent for a system that allows the user to customize several security conditions change automatically according to the geographical location of your smartphone.

She explained, "Apple" that the user can adjust the apparatus to shift to a simple security situation when he was at home, such as a passcode of four digits, and then switch to a more powerful situation when you go out of the house.

Did not reveal the "Apple", after obtaining the rights of my innocence of the invention of the Patent Office and the American brands, for any information about the possibility of making use of the two systems soon or not.

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Rumors about working on the 12-inch MacBook

Apple, MacBook, 12 inches, WWDC, Mac Pro Brooke, Fashsal
According to a publication published in, the Apple is preparing to announce a new version of the MacBook, and the screen size will be approximately 12 inches. According to the publication of this version you'll get the changes in the design, including the lack of a port of the fan. Information also indicate that Apple will occur Almakp MacBook Air, and will be announced this computer conference WWDC, As for the Mac Pro Brooke Fashsal on a new family and will be announced in September. macrumors pointed out in turn that this design is commensurate with the patent obtained by Apple in advance, what will make the chance to see these great computers. Unfortunately, according to the site who leaked information about computers, Apple said that it will not see smart time soon.
Apple, MacBook, 12 inches, WWDC, Mac Pro Brooke, Fashsal
12-inch MacBook

Manufacturing process Phone Nokia X moved from India to China

Chennai, China, Nokia X, Alandroed, Microsoft and Nokia
More countries are still offering its blessing to the takeover of the Gaza Microsoft devices and services at Nokia, but as it is, India is one of the countries that still stand in the way of the deal, which was approved. The reason is due to taxes, which claims the Indian government that it should be paid on the company Nokia.

The deal could proceed, but only if the company Nokia ready to empty a huge amount of money to pay taxes, which claims the Indian government that it should be on the Nokia paid, but until you do it, the Nokia factory located in the city of Chennai India will be under the control of the Indian government.

There are many implications, one of which is that the factory workers could lose their jobs once the case has a deal if Microsoft and Nokia, given that Nokia will not be needed after that for the factory. The other effect of the impact, it is that the manufacturing process will move to other factories in other parts of the world, and this in turn can affect the Indian economy, and this is exactly what Nokia will do.

According to reports, it seems that Nokia has decided to move production of the civilian side Chennai factory to China, so that will be manufactured series phones Nokia X operating system Alandroed there. It seems that Nokia is determined not to let their problems with the Indian government to stand up in front of the deal, and this is why the decision to transfer the production process from India to China instead.

It is unclear whether Nokia will work to resolve this matter with the Indian government, or what you intend to do with the factory located in Chennai, but now it seems that the plant will not be part of the deal Microsoft and Nokia.

Chennai, China, Nokia X, Alandroed, Microsoft and Nokia

Monday, 24 March 2014

Change in the share of internal Aleuendozvon stand Lumia 521

Change in the share of internal Aleuendozvon stand Lumia 521
 The AdDuplex publish some of the numbers and statistics that belong to the system and Andozvon. There is no doubt is that Nokia is Almtsidh in the system and Microsoft acquires 93% share of Aleuendozvon. HTC comes in second place by only 4.3 and the third 1.3% Samsung. Aleuendozvon system has two versions, as we know, and Andozvon 7 and 8, 8 Andozvon system and has the lion's share increased by 80.9%, while the 7 not only has a 19.1% share of devices that are running Aleuendozvon.

56.8% of the phones and working Andozvon update GDR3, and 41% are working to update GDR2 and 12.1% working only the first update. At the level of the most commonly used devices Oandozvon, Vhatv Lumia 521 is the most commonly used by 36.8%, and comes just behind his brother Lumia 520 by 17.1%, and 7.4 for the Lumia 920 which was released Aam 2012. At the level of the United States, network is AT & T is the largest telecommunications company employs Aleuendozvon system, followed by T-mobile and finally Family mobile.

Strange that both Greece and France Lumia 520 captures the lion's share of Aleuendozvon, with the participation of Poland, India, Ukraine and Malaysia as well.

Change in the share of internal Aleuendozvon stand Lumia 521
Nokia Lumia 521 Specification

Saturday, 22 March 2014

Sell ​​50 thousand units of the phone HTC Desire 816 in just 10 minutes

Sell ​​50 thousand units of the phone HTC Desire 816 in just 10 minutes

Received a phone HTC Desire 816 of HTC Corporation warmly received in China so that log more than 1 million people bought his interest in this phone. Apparently, these recordings slowly turn into actual sales, because HTC Corporation today announced that it managed to sell 50 thousand units of the phone HTC Desire 816 in just 10 minutes.

It seems that this demand has surprised all of HTC Corporation and retail stores that offered phone HTC Desire 816 for sale in its stores, and this is what has caused some problems in demand because demand exceeds supply. Apparently, the phone HTC Desire 816 has been the victim of its own success.

Each of HTC Corporation and retailer promised consumers to regroup and it will issue another batch of phone HTC Desire 816 per day 21 of this month. In addition, the company promised consumers HTC also in the official account on Chinese social network Weibo that things will be smoother in the future.

Still separates us a few weeks from the date of issuance of the phone HTC Desire 816 in Europe, but in the case if it is raising the price of the phone in the old continent in comparison with China, it is unlikely to deliver a phone the same success achieved in China with the knowledge that the phone HTC Desire 816 it costs only $ 310 in China.

Sell ​​50 thousand units of the phone HTC Desire 816 in just 10 minutes

Friday, 21 March 2014

IOS 7.1 update caused countless problems for users of iOS

IOS 7.1 update caused countless problems for users of iOS

According to previous reports, it appears that the iOS 7.1 update is broken applications much less compared to the previous versions, this is definitely a very good thing. There were also reports that the updated iOS 7.1 seems faster and smoother on the iPhone 4 phones compared with the updated iOS 7.

But at a time when we thought that the iOS 7.1 update came mainly to put an end to the problems that have been monitored in the previous version, there were also reports that this update will drain the battery. Now, according to new reports, it appears that users of iOS 7.1 update face some additional problems with this update, which cause the lack of response from their phone and also stopped in fingerprint sensor Touch ID for work. Among the problems that have been talking about it, we find the phone freezes in some cases, to stop accepting keyboard input. It is said that restarting the phone is a remedy for this problem, but we suspect that this is a long-term solution.

Ironically enough it was supposed that the iOS 7.1 update brings some improvements to the fingerprint sensor, Touch ID, but there are many users who have complained about the problem of the sensor does not work when put their fingers on it. Some users were able to solve this problem by re-scanning their fingers, but there was some other users who have been unable to solve the problem.

Of course, Apple should take a look at these problems. After all, it is known that the fingerprint sensor Touch ID is one of the main features in the phone iPhone 5S, but if this sensor was forced to stop working, this is not a good sign when it comes to consumer confidence.

IOS 7.1 update caused countless problems for users of iOS

Explain why Apple revealed the 8GB version of the phone iPhone 5C

Explain why Apple revealed the 8GB version of the phone iPhone 5C

 Apple is one of the companies that do things without stating the goal of which, despite the criticism it has received in this regard in the past. After all, by addressing the complaints will be able to find a solution for some, but you can not please everyone.

It is interesting to see Apple after the disclosure of the official version of the phone 8GB iPhone 5C issued an official statement explaining why it decided to unveil this version of the iPhone 5C.

According to a statement issued by Apple for site Re / code, it is with the passage of time, the number of iPhone users of the middle class is growing, and thus it was necessary for Apple's launch of version 8GB at a reasonable price to the markets where it became LTE networks more established.

Revealed Apple also that it will not sell a copy 8GB of iPhone 5C in the United States, at least for the time being because the telecommunications companies of America usually are providing smartphones leading to their customers, and this means that a copy 8GB of iPhone 5C will be directed mainly to emerging markets where telecommunications companies do not offer their customers leading smartphones.

It is no secret that the iPhone 5C does not perform well in the market, has been recognized Mr. Tim Cook himself that the phone does not rise to the level of the company's expectations. As it is, it has been reported that about 3 million units of the phone iPhone 5C is still sitting in warehouses and in the Apple store shelves waiting for what takes them to his home. Of course, this is certainly not a good sign for Apple.

Do you think that the 8GB version of the iPhone 5C will be able to help generate more demand on the phone and possibly other Apple products from the same category? We believe that we will have to wait to see, but in the meantime you a copy of the 8GB iPhone 5C are a good option for consumers, especially if they are unable to expand the phone's memory?

Saturday, 15 March 2014

Nokia to pay more money to restore its factories in India

 Nokia to pay more money to restore its factories in India
We all know that occur kaleidoscope of Nokia in India about the taxes, and that does not read its still a Finnish company and Microsoft alike. Since the Supreme Court ruled on Nokia to pay $ 571 million to be approved on the transfer of ownership of the plant to Microsoft, after the court rejected the appeal Nokia, which prompted the manufacturer to provide $ 367 million for the guarantee in order to secure the factory from the government.

Nokia to pay more money to restore its factories in India
 This comes because of what it requested the Indian government of taxes owed over the years, and this transaction is not received by Nokia alone, but shared by other international companies. Originally consequent Nokia pay is $ 326 million, but the fines and benefits inflated the amount of $ 3.4 million. For its part, Nokia announced its disappointment because of this decision, but if you can not transfer ownership of the Nokia factory to Microsoft, the plant will work to Microsoft's service for a period of time under a contract signed by both parties.

There is the option of last resort, which is the closure of the plant, what will make the 8 thousand Indian expelled outside the factory, and Microsoft will lose the factory is very important and the market is also important, as that Nokia itself will lose some of the money from the deal and is expected to be completed Inhih this month, I believe that this option is not Ward, because it is a loss for all parties.
Nokia to pay more money to restore its factories in India
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Customizable personal identification numbers for the application of BBM feature may be paid

Customizable personal identification numbers for the application of BBM feature may be paid
 At the end of last week we informed you that the company BlackBerrys conducted a recent study, which the Canadian company you query users instant messaging service BBM around the idea of ​​personal identification numbers (PIN) customizable. We thought that this is a great idea too, although there may be some restrictions that would be imposed on users who would like to take advantage of this feature.

But it seems that in this part of the study, the company BlackBerry users query about whether they would be willing to pay for the benefit of this feature, and this is a very important question. For these Aldrusselh was closed, and we're not sure of the final results.

Customizable personal identification numbers for the application of BBM feature may be paidBased on the site CrackBerry, however, managed to get some of the results of this poll of views, and show that the bulk of those surveyed opinions are willing to pay for this service. For the majority, they were willing to pay a one time fee, while there were some users who were willing to pay an annual fee.

Of course, there have been some users who said they do not want to be a feature of the allocation of personal identification numbers (PIN) driven, and then there were those who do not care about allocation feature personal identification numbers, and there were also those who remained undecided on the issue.

Personal identification numbers is a great idea too because they make it easier for you to identify yourself. In fact, companies or even a celebrity can buy personal identification numbers customizable to assist in the promotion of trade marks, and to assist in the deployment of new updates BBM Channels through the channels of their own.
Customizable personal identification numbers for the application of BBM feature may be paid
Telemeen Communication Updates

Find out who will win, Timo Boll vs KUKA Robot?

Find out who will win, Timo Boll vs KUKA Robot?

The challenge is unprecedented and unorthodox filmed and organized as a declaration by the German company, where he was over the speed and skill Robot  has called one of the best table tennis players in the world, a player of German Timo Boll, to challenge a Robot called Kuka, which is considered the fastest in the world in challenging or table tennis match

In your opinion before watching the section of the win in the end? Well will make sure of it:

With that the robot is the fastest in the world and may outweigh the rights in the beginning but that the human mind has what do you think?  Do not forget that a mere declaration on the future of robotics.

Robots will be more intelligent than humans within the next 15 years

Robots will be more intelligent than humans within the next 15 years
Robots will be more intelligent than humans within the next 15 years, this is expected to head the company Google. Computers will be able to learn about from experience, says jokes, would enable even courtship!. This is the opinion of "Ray Kurzweil," head of Google's artificial intelligence.

Google has spent 57 billion pounds to buy roboat major companies in the world, including the company Deep Mind, a British company that specializes in machine learning, and Boston Dynamics, a company specializing in the manufacture of advanced military robots.

Robots will be more intelligent than humans within the next 15 yearsMr. Kurzweil was recruited in 2012 by Google Inc. to work on what is the largest search engines, to work on the future. Kurzweil is a businessman adult age of 66 years, in addition to being one of the greatest scientists of futures on the face of the earth, where the expected advent of the Internet, and the expectation that overcomes the Computer Chess Champions.

In an interview Kurzweil said that his goal is to understand what is meant by the language, you are, for example, when you write an article, you arrange words to be understood. It is exactly what you want Google, where you want to access from computers in Allaturnt and every page of every book, and read and understand the content and then be able to engage in intelligent dialogue with users and answer all of their questions!.

Do what you want Google to be? .. This is what Cetkhvh us coming years.
Robots will match human intelligence in during the next 15 years
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Thursday, 13 March 2014

Xperia Z1 Compact which features a sleek design

Xperia Z1 Compact which features a sleek design
Sony unveiled Mobile specialized in the mobile industry in the world unveiled the latest smartphone'' Xperia ™ Z1 Compact'' which features a sleek design and brilliant potential and size appropriate.

The company said that the phone is specially designed for people who want to carry the phone or the size of the average compact at the same time has the potential for a distinct and sophisticated, with a screen size of 4.3 inches, the phone Xperia ™ Z1 Compact well suited to be used with one hand only.

According to a statement issued by the company on Wednesday, the new phone has a phone with all the qualities needed by the users of smart phones, which are in the technology of high definition (full HD) and lens G Lens from Sony and winning several awards, in addition to the image processing engine BIONZ ™ phone Intelligent screen size and quality of the camera and waterproof property and other ... and this is a distinct specifications phone'' Xperia ™ Z1 Compact'' is the best smartphone with a 4.3-inch screen in the world even today.

Xperia Z1 Compact which features a sleek design
The Telephone'' Xperia ™ Z1 Compact'' as a smaller version of the phone'' Xperia ™ Z1'' to suit all needs and tastes, as the size of the screen in the phone'' Xperia ™ Z1 Compact'' is 4.3 inches, while the phone ' '"Xperia ™ Z1 is 5 inches, with containment of the Z1 Compact higher capacity battery, and an internal memory storage of 32 GB.

It also features a phone'' Xperia ™ Z1 Compact'' presence sensor Exmor RS ™, a first sensor for pictures in the world HDR video technology provider for smart phones and camera accurately capture the rapid 20.7 megapixels, Vmschar images Exmor RS ™ phone is a sophisticated sensor technology Pictures of Sony, with the next generation of light sensor BSI. It reduces confusion in the images, while maintaining high accuracy through the lens of a bright G Lens focal length F2, 0 and BIONZ ™ processing engine to reduce confusion, and distribution techniques and high resolution pixel per pixel.

It was strengthened phone processor Qualcomm ® Snapdragon ™ 800 new and strong. This wizard advanced Quad Core, which is faster by about 75% of the processor S4 Pro, which gives the user the power and top speed card battery is unmatched - and can this processor running multiple applications jobs at the same time and browse the Web in a load slim, and the video stream without interruption.

It is also an asynchronous processor, which means that each center is run independently. Thus, the user gets the amount of energy needed when necessary, without wasted if you do not need it.

Xperia Z1 Compact which features a sleek design

Dell has announced a new member to its product category Power-edge

Dell has announced a new member to its product category Power-edge
Dell has announced a new member to its product category Power-edge servers from private companies, a surfer Power-edge R920, which is the fastest server performance produced by "Dell" so far, and adapt quickly to changing business needs, and works to improve the reliability of the overall action.

According to a statement Masrawy got a copy of it, the design of the new server came to secure access to the ideal of vast sectors of the information that is recorded and processed by the institutions, and based on the performance of Intel's advanced "E7".

It also provides new Power-edge R920 server exceptional abilities in dealing with critical workloads, including enterprise resource planning, customer relationship management, e-commerce, and large databases, including databases stored in memory. It combines and large memory capacity buffer memory, with the ability to expand and update the memory, and all entrances and exits, and storage components of the system. So R920 server is ideal for business environments in which he plays a high performance and the ability to update and reliability which play a crucial role.

The process of developing the Power-edge R920 server as part of Dell's ongoing commitment to provide high performance and technology companies easily scalable and economical prices for customers. A study workloads recent carried out by the company, "S ABN" characteristics of the surfer R920, which is to achieve a world record in the results of the performance of Linux servers the 4 jacks with a 24-drive storage ROM, compared Balserfrat of the 150 storage drive compact , according to a performance index "S ABN" common metrics from the second level.

And improve performance by 71% with processors E7-4800, according to performance index "S ABN" common metrics, in addition to achieving high performance in almost environment "feed ABN" Compared with the previous generation of servers the 8 sockets, providing up to 50% of the costs of software licensing on the client.
Dell has announced a new member to its product category Power-edge

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Undersea Internet Cables Cut Again in Egypt Marine

Undersea Internet Cables Cut Again in Egypt Marine
Interruption of cable internet Maritime problem faced by the whole world in general .., but the Middle East are experiencing this problem and damned particularly intensively, Since three years ago outage occurred for cable internet Maritime, which passes in Egypt because of bad weather in the cockeyed. And understood that the territorial waters and land Egyptian passes by 19 Kabla nautical pass all continents and most of them linking the "Europe in Africa", causing countless problems in various parts of the Middle! it did not wait more than a year until interrupted again and occurred the same problem, in Last reiterates "chronic illness" in the same place almost take him influence far beyond what can be to include countries such as the "Cyprus - Turkey - Greece - Italy - Morocco - Portugal - France - England - Germany - Belgique" .., the problem prompted many institutions around the world to search for alternatives to refrain from this problem, "chronic" but until this moment did not yield new!

Undersea Internet Cables Cut Again in Egypt Marine Once again we got to the fourth-parts chain interruption submarine cable .. On Monday, 3 March this happened, "Klakit" the fourth time in Egyptian territorial waters .. where he was declared "STC" in Tweets on the famous networking site "Twitter" According to the interruption Maritime cable internet when Egypt, which may affect the speed and quality of Internet access in Saudi Arabia and the region .., and this news becomes this region, " the most dangerous in the world "on 75% of the data traffic between the Middle East and Europe!

The margin statements also "STC" it will also provide alternatives for those affected to ensure that the same quality of service to them until the completion of the reform of the cable, which may start already ..

We wish that this does not happen again and to find alternatives to advanced specialists challenge of this problem haunting we can embody her famous proverb "the protection is better than cure.

Liquidmetal on his way to the iPhone 6

Liquidmetal on his way to the iPhone 6
We have seen recently a series of patent applications by Apple, as well as being all attracted much attention and aroused our curiosity, but all those techniques would fall within the final technique: liquid metal Liquid-metal.
Apple was used by the raw space-age years ago, but for the liquid metal - Liquid Metal - is an amorphous metal alloy, Well now let's share of physics! It is important to have some great features.
One of these wonderful qualities combine strength and light weight, and its high resistance against corrosion, and most importantly, his ability to withstand the heat, such as glass, plastic, allowing for strong manufacturing gear without worrying about the issue of heat and the heat of the device.
The analysts closely monitor Apple; to see whether Apple will be incorporated into the liquid metal to the structure of the new iPhone or not, until the present time, there is no indication to do so.
However, the company's patent portfolio is an indication that the next-generation iPhone - iPhone 6 (Ayr) - will carry only parts made of  Liquid Metal, for example, another patent has been disclosed what is on the use of liquid metal button on the main screen, a move that will increase the durability of the metal because of the power button.
There is another patent related to the use Liquid Metal and relied upon in order to sensors in the touch screens.
As we can see, to a large extent all these patents make us believe that the presence of liquid metal wish to convey our message, and that it: is coming, in spite of other messages hidden and disappointing not to make the structure of the iPhone completely made of Liquid Metal instead of aluminum, which used to be Apple users for a long time.
Liquidmetal on his way to the iPhone 6

Thursday, 6 March 2014

LG Electronics launches pocket photo printer

Company (LG) Electronics launches pocket photo printer

Launched LG Electronics Printer Pocket Wireless "Pocket Photo" pocket photo "Smart Model PD233 to print photos from your phone on the spot in the Saudi market, offering Pocket Photo" pocket-photo "high-quality pictures and Wi excellent, making it the perfect blend between both system Android system OIS for smartphones.

Company (LG) Electronics launches pocket photo printerByung Hun Min Said, deputy general manager of LG Electronics Home Entertainment: "progress Pocket Photo printed with pictures of attractive sharp can not be made available for digital image." He added: "If you want to save a picture of you in your purse or add a personal album, with Pocket iPhoto user can enjoy printing photos taken from his cell on the spot simply and without any trouble."

He said, "Deug soo said that the" president of LG Electronics that there is within the apps Pocket Photo set of editing tools embedded by some bar code symbols and frills Mini Kaloloan and shear, making it a device is an innovative and unique with the ability of Pocket Photo to print bar codes on photographs; also provided Pocket Photo innovative way to connect the physical image of the world of the Internet. Where can read bar codes from any application through bar-code scanning "QR", and you also connect the user of the contents of social networking sites and Internet sites. He added: "The device Pocket Photo innovative product from another company LG Electronics will represent a new technology leap in the world of innovative technologies in the Kingdom."

It can also Pocket Photo Print invitations customized for birthdays, cards of thanks and even business cards with bar codes personal. It also helps photofinishing symbols bar-code business owners in connecting customers with information against their own commercial or shops with the latest coming through the Internet. And those images can be customized and integrated into a game of "scavenger hunts" or other fun interactive games. Pocket Photo offering innovative creative opportunities are boundless.

Company (LG) Electronics launches pocket photo printer
The "Pocket Photo" and one of the smallest and lightest printing devices from smartphones in the market, where the Kiesthe 72 × 120 × 24 mm and weighs 215 grams only, then you can carry it easily the palm of one hand or put them in the pocket of the jacket when you stop use. , "Said Mr Jin Kim Cook," director of consumer electronics company LG in Saudi Arabia: "The device Photo Pocket unique product to penetrate foundations for innovative new LG with its own characteristics and simple, making it easier for users to store their memories with ease."

Featuring Pocket Photo easily use practical and splendor of its image in the amount of measured 7.6 × 5.1 cm (2 × 3 inch) making it ideal for an exchange or offer. When you download and install the free software system for Android your system IOS for smart phones, the user can connect his personal device Pocket iPhoto and start print photos on the spot.

It will be presented this masterpiece of the new technology from LG in the Saudi market in cooperation with Jarir Bookstore and across all its branches in the Kingdom, being the number one destination for electronics Kingdom.

Google Acquires Nest compared to 3.2 billion dollars

Google Acquires Nest compared to 3.2 billion dollars
Google announced in a statement that their purchase of the company Nest developer of intelligent device to regulate the heat of the house and control, and that deal, amounting to 3.2 billion U.S. dollars in cash.
, and the company Nest industry many appliances to help control heat homes and alarms of fires. The best-known devices of this company is the remote control warmly home Thermostat, which is characterized by its simplicity and ability to learn automatically, to be able over time to understand the nature of the house, and know when to run the air conditioning or switch it off.
across Larry Page; CEO of Google, was delighted accession Nest company to the family of Google, praised the company's products and services stunning unique family. He noted that they are excited to offer great experiences to more homes in more cities in order to achieve their dreams.
said Tony Vadil; CEO of Nest, they are thrilled to joining Google, explained that the latter's support will improve the situation is to build better products and simpler, and provide equipment to make life in the home easier , and adds a positive impact on the world.
, and will continue to work Bhacletha Nest and manages the current chief executive, and also to maintain its own brand. It is expected to close this deal in the next few months, after the completion of obtaining regulatory approvals in the United States.
clear that Google plans to revive the project, which raised a few years ago, which aims to control the house by Android devices, which we have not seen throughout the the last period.

Google Acquires Nest compared to 3.2 billion dollars

Samsung working on Galaxy Glass

Samsung working on Galaxy Glass
Samsung has everything from phones and Tablets and kitchens conditioners and LCD TVs and other so far have been reports that it will enter into glasses smart to compete with glasses Google where the source said Korea Times is expected to bear the name of Galaxy Glass will be disclosed during the IFA and that in the month of Sep a conference, which we see them as a new generation of Samsung products such as Maroina hour Samsung Galaxy Kerr. unfortunately no information or assurances so but entry Samsung into the world of eye-wear is self-evident. Finally, the company may also working on glasses for sports lovers and again to no information.
Samsung working on Galaxy Glass

Intel back to school with Tablets running on Android and Windows 8.1

Intel back to school with Tablets running on Android and Windows 8.1
Computer First " Classmate PC "and is the size of 10.1 inches is working on the system," Windows 8.1 "or" Windows 8.1 "provider angles of rubber to withstand the shocks where and according to the company, they will protect him from falling from the height of 70 cm as well as being waterproof and dust.
This tablet runs on the processor model of the " Bay Trail "and is not to slide" Celeron N2806 "fast dual-core 1.6 GHz and provider working on touch screen along with a webcam.
Besides the former Computer unveiled " Intel "from another computer running the same size on the system" Android 4.2 Jelly Bean "and the entire body of provider rubber for easy caught him by the student and small, as well as by small.
This works on a computer is a dual processor cores slide " Atom Z2520 "fast 1.2 GHz technology accelerator with" Hyper-Threading "technology as well as three-dimensional graphics acceleration" 3D "which supports 1080p resolution video as a camera background and supports third-generation networks" 3G "and its battery enables it to work up to 1, 2 Hours.

Spain mentioned and what they are oriented to aspects of the educational tools they contain large, as well as sensitive to temperature and will launch as of next month.
Intel back to school with Tablets running on Android and Windows 8.1

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