Monday, 30 June 2014

Popular Facebook game Pool Live Tour available for Windows Phone

One of the most played multiplayer games on Facebook is now available for Windows Phone, Pool Live Tour , was adapted to be played mainly on a touch screen so we will find a few simple controls.
 Currently playing an average of 2.5 million players a day and allows us to stand against real players at any time, in its version for smartphone allows us to invite our friends from Facebook.
Pool Live Tour has single player mode so we can practice when we challenge a friend or compete against other players win coins and trophies. The more we play will refine our technique.  
A game that provides hours of fun.
We do not know if it works on devices with 512 MB ​​of RAM , the store does not specify. What I can say is if it's in Spanish and is compatible with Windows Phone 8.1 , the download is 73 MB, a game for anything heavy.
The features of this Pool Live Tour are:
  • Adapted touch controls for gameplay as realistic as possible. We can make shots spin difficult
  • It has so online and offline in order to play anywhere . We'll play against other users, whether you use a smartphone , tablet or from Facebook. It also supports games by connecting Bluetooth and play two people on one screen
  • It has 5 levels , ability to enable or disable support. As we improve we will face against opponents who bring us the hardest things
  • Different types of heels to choose, more than 50 tables
  • A lot more
You know, if you like you play pool this Pool Live Tour may I hitch. Graphically it is not anything special, but it is not necessary better graphics, what matters is the gameplay in these cases and that the physics of the ball is what real as possible.
Update 29/06 : works on devices with 512 MB ​​of RAM. Thanks Matt for the info.
Windows Phone Store | Pool Live Tour (Free)

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Facebook Beta Update with new design and features

We have a new update to Facebook Beta to version if you are users of Windows Phone 8 / 8.1 , for Windows Phone 7.x will use the Really not many changes but very important and necessary to have the application update. 
So you know, and you can upgrade visiting the shop in case you have not yet advised of this update.
The first thing that will catch your attention is the new interface , just below the News Feed will have several icons, such as messages, notifications , friend requests and profile, among others.
At the bottom are buttons status, upload photos and input. From the photos option we will also upload videos.
This is the official list of improvements :
  • Improved interface design
  • Performance Enhancements
  • Upload videos
  • Support for new languages
Hopefully you have also solved other problems faced by some users with the previous version, although it is still early to know until you go updating and leave your first impressions.
Previously the list of improvements were greater , we are fast, secure notifications, alerts for chat, messaging improvements, more languages, side chat icons, events, groups, pages, albums and more.
Windows Phone Store | Facebook Beta (free)

BBM comes next July to Windows Phone

After a long wait for the users who wanted to see the application BBM on your Windows Phone, we have to say is very close.
Today the CEO of BlackBerry, John Chen said BBM out next July , did not disclose the specific day on which it will be available, but at least we know for sure it's a matter of weeks to have the messaging application Store.
The popular BlackBerry application enough time left for iOS and Android ago , months ago already announced the Windows Phone version but never said when it would. Thus we now have an alternative to WhatsApp , Line , Telegram, among others.
So now we can say that the wait is coming to an end within a few weeks you will be able to download the.
We have little information on the application, the picture you see above and that people have posted Windows Phone Central is a Nokia XL. We are looking forward to test it out thoroughly , for many can be the perfect app to replace Queen messaging applications in many countries, WhatsApp.
Latter until recently I had many problems in its version for Windows Phone with notifications also took several months to release an update and had to remove it from the store for a couple of weeks.

Microsoft working on improving the antitheft system Windows Phone

It is clear that anyone we like to steal our smartphone , is no longer just run out of the device, also lose all the information you have stored, photos, videos and more in short files. At Microsoft working to improve our anti-theft system Windows Phone , the new features will be available in the future through an update.
In particular the improvements are as follows :
  • Ability to delete all personal data from our smartphone remotely
  • Completely inoperative leaving the terminal for unauthorized users, although they may make calls to 911
  • Not able to reactivate the phone or touch the settings without the user's authorized
  • In the case of finding the device can be fully recovered if we let inoperative as long as we are the authorized user also recover user data stored in the cloud, in case you erase the thesmartphone
All this does not prevent us from stealing our terminal, but perhaps the thief think twice before doing so as it will have a useless phone that will not let you do anything. Thus it may not be for personal use or sell it, so we think it may come in handy these new features.
Maybe some users do not know that Windows Phone already has some options that are useful in case of theft or loss of your terminal . If we enter into my phone is setup we will delete it, make it sound, lock or locate. After accessing the page we will do everything that previously activated.
What do you think of these measurements?

Surface 3 will be available in 26 countries In August

We keep talking about tablets , this time from the Surface Pro 3, since Microsoft has revealed the list of countries that will be available in late August. If any of you plan to buy one can see from the list below if you have available in your country, unfortunately there are none in Latin America.
The Surface Pro 3 you can buy in the following countries :
  • Australia, Austria, Belgium, China, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Korea, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Singapore,Spain , Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan Thailand and the United Kingdom.
In total there are 26 countries and are all models of Surface Pro 3 , from bearing the Intel Core i3 processor to the Core i7 , Core i5 passing by. New accessories designed for it will also be available. From the Microsoft store in Spain and can be booked.
If you do not know the price at which the different models here we have the:
  • Surface Pro 3 processor Intel Core i3 and 64 GB of storage for 799 euros
  • Surface Pro 3 processor Intel Core i5 and 128GB storage for 999 euros
  • Surface Pro 3 processor Intel Core i5 and 256GB of storage for 1,299 euros
  • Surface Pro 3 processor Intel Core i7 and 256 GB of storage for 1,549 euros
  • Surface Pro 3 processor Intel Core i7 and 512 GB of storage for 1,949 euros
If your main PC is a portable can a Surface Pro 3 is a good choice to replace when the time comes. You will have a team two in one and quite powerful that allows you to do almost any task. Perhaps the most basic model falls short for some users because it has only 64 GB of storage, so that you can not install very heavy stuff, but for tasks of office and multimedia believe may be sufficient .
Do you plan to buy a Surface Pro 3?

Nokia Lumia 930 vs Samsung Galaxy S5 comparative video recording

It was presented in April 2014 at the Microsoft Build a high end terminal that shares many similarities with the Nokia Lumia Icon,. The Nokia Lumia 930 was destined to become the perfect terminal Lumia family and really close to this idea, being able to easily compete with the high end of other operating systems like Android and one of its major terminals star, Samsung Galaxy S5.
The Samsung Galaxy S5 as you know was unveiled at MWC 2014 as one of the biggest releases of the important exhibition. Despite being improved that the Samsung Galaxy S4 are quite the criticism it has received, especially by a design that is not convincing and plastic finishes that remain like.
Co- Nokia Power User hand We Love Smartphones have made ​​a comparison video showing the recording quality of both models . Before the show I teach camera specifications of both models.

Nokia Lumia 930

  • PureView 20 megapixel camera with Zeiss optics, 6 lenses, opening af/2.4 lens with dual flash LED high power
  • OIS optical image stabilizer
  • Four microphones HAAC codec with Dolby Digital Plus
  • Maximum recording full HD at 30 fps

Samsung Galaxy S5

  • 16 megapixel camera with f/2.2 aperture
  • Hybrid approach
  • 4K recording at 30 fps
Samsung include the possibility of recording at UHD resolution (3,840 x 2.160p) , your opponent only gets to 1080, although the difference is clear, confident performance of the acclaimed Nokia PureView sensor technology to be better than the Samsung Galaxy S5. Besides the features optical stabilization Finnish to improve the pulse when recording video, something your opponent does not offer.

In the videos both terminals are at a high level but in the second video it shows the Samsung Galaxy S5 lack of optical image stabilization and can see how the sensor of the Nokia Lumia 930 is able to better adapt to low light conditions and that it has a less bright than his rival sensor, however I think it is best resolved in low light conditions.
Which of the two terminals will look better to you?

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

New Updates for Beta Telegram Messenger, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger

So far, whenever we talked about Windows Phone and we referred specifically to their instant messaging applications, there was something that they did not leave us a good taste. This is due to the numerous issues that caused notifications WhatsApp in its early leader in instant messaging applications, and little by little have been remedied, but not quite, although we saw a few days ago andwas removed from the Windows Phone Store claiming technical problems. It is for this reason thatevery time we hear about updates in messaging applications, we expect and find the ultimate cure to end all the problems .
Telegram upgrade

Telegram Messenger Beta

Not much there as an official client for the Microsoft operating system does , although we know that it is the previous Ngram unofficial client . Since becoming an official client has already received several updates, the latter corresponds to the version, which have made ​​their functioning improves, but we must remember that still remains in beta. His record in the Windows Phone Store is still three and a half stars, but despite some very negative comments, the vast majority of them lately value it at about 4 stars . The new update includes:
  • Remove / Add contacts.
  • Fix registry errors.
  • Codes more countries added to the registry.
  • Fix errors erasing secrets chats.
  • Added notifications of messages in secret chats.
Windows Phone Store | Telegram Messenger Beta


After the above about the absence of WhatsApp on Windows Phone Store for a few days, something unannounced, stood at Microsoft in the bullseye target, we can say today that we bring a new update.Note that in recent weeks WhatsApp updates are being numerous and have seen significant improvements and added features . This new update to version 2.11.504.0, brings several improvements and bug fixes, so you will not notice changes in the actual application itself, if not better overall functioning of the same.
Windows Phone Store | Whatsapp

Facebook Messenger

In drafting Metro WinPhone we been pleasantly surprised with Facebook Messenger, which is that it works really well . With this new version,, is improving the overall performance of the application and management of mobile data, in order to make the application more efficient in its use . We miss that we are given the option to change the background to black, but for now we assume that this option is not available as this color matching is maintained by the web, but still hope that we can personalize it soon. Also noted that it is receiving numerous updates in recent weeks .
Windows Phone Store | Facebook Messenger
Competition is strong in terms mesajería IM clients are concerned, because we see all receive numerous updates to resolve as many potential errors and give the user the greatest possible user experience . We hope it stays that way, and soon it just versions without errors. Which customers are using in your Windows Phone?

New details about the application for the lock screen in Windows Phone 8.1

amber screen lock nokia lumia
The month of April at the Microsoft event held in San Francisco, Redmond unveiled its new version of mobile operating system, Windows Phone 8.1. As you know the new OS version brings many improvements and features, some of them highly sought after by users as the expected action center, independent volume control or the expected voice assistant Cortana.
One of the improvements that were also announced was the ability to customize our lock screen, this new functionality when it has not been possible to test it in the Preview version of Windows Phone 8.1 developers.
As usual there are many users who ask Joe Belfiore on developments that will bring future updates of applications. Again replied Joe Belfiore giving users important news about the new application for the lock screen .
After several tests have ruled that time comes the new application terminals with 512 MB ​​of RAMbecause it can compromise the speed of flow of the entire operating system, so the new application is expected to arrive in two weeks will be terminals available for at least 1 GB of RAM .
Joe Belfiore has also given details about the Facebook application, are working closely with Facebookto correct errors in the application and improve stability, this update should arrive in summer. Also expected to soon reach new universal applications, which are being taken very seriously.
Do you striking application to the lock screen?

Xbox Music updates to fix bugs and improve performance

music xbox windows phone 8.1
Microsoft has just updated the app Xbox Music to version 2.5.3965.0 for Windows Phone 8.1. The list of improvements is not very big but it has Fixed major bugs and improved performance overall, and also has tile transparent.
If any of you had problems when playing music through streaming now I would have to work well . In the event that you continue to fail from Microsoft advise us we restart our smartphone .
These are the updates that has this update :
  • Now we will move faster through the list of songs
  • We can add more than 100 songs to the play queue
  • The tiles bear funds and custom colors
  • Artists and funds now charge a more fluid
  • The songs we already have in our collection can now be purchased
If you are users of Windows Phone 8 and you need not bother looking because the application is only compatible with Windows Phone 8.1 , you have to wait for your device is updated to that version to enjoy this app.
Anyway still has to improve in future updates are expected to improve further the stability and performance, useful lives and interface improvements. Windows Phone 8.1 was officially released yet but there is already a terminal with this release, the Lumia 630 .
Windows Phone Store | Xbox Music (free)

Nokia Lumia 930 sell with different accessories at no additional cost in Italy

Pillow wireless charging, Nokia Lumia Pillow wireless charger
The Nokia Lumia 630 is now available in many countries and we are missing a few weeks for the Nokia Lumia 930 is also available, it is expected to end this June. It was presented in April 2014 at the Microsoft Build a high end terminal that shares many similarities with the Nokia Lumia Icon, and have been asking users to not have to go to six inches of the excellent Nokia Lumia 1520 .
The Nokia Lumia 930 was destined to become the perfect terminal Lumia family and really approaches this idea however there are details that are not liking users as not wearing Glance , something very distinctive about the Nokia Lumia and really useful, and the lack of support for microSD cards .
Recently, we knew that the Nokia Lumia 630 if you buy in Mediamarkt given away gift us with the DC-18 accessory valued at 16.99 euros.
It seems that Italian colleagues also want to get better level of sales with Nokia Lumia 930 offers a variety of accessories such as wireless charging plate DT-900 , the MD-12 wireless speaker and accessory Nokia Mini Treasure Tag . The offer will end on July 30, until then by buying a Nokia Lumia 930 will be able to bring you these three accessories that are worth more than 60 euros, making it a very tempting offer.
We seem very good initiatives to boost sales of Nokia handsets , hopefully more countries offer this possibility. I leave you with the links to the various Nokia accessories so you can see all its features.
Had you decided to purchase some of these accessories?
Nokia Accessories | Nokia DC-18
Nokia Accessories | Nokia Mini Treasure Tag WS-10
Nokia Accessories | Nokia DT-900
Nokia Accessories | Wireless Speaker MD-12

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Five reasons to buy a Nokia Lumia 630 compared to Nokia Lumia 520

Nokia Lumia 630 Available online
This week we are gonna watch the new terminal of the Finns the new Nokia Lumia 630 is coming to the different markets.

It is a terminal that is not going unnoticed at all, and unfortunately not for the good of Nokia, since many users were expecting a jump in specifications with respect to the current input range of Windows Phone, the Nokia Lumia 520 popular.
Mates Windows Phone Central have highlighted five reasons to purchase the new terminal of the Finns, not the Nokia Lumia 520.

Reason # One: Clear-Black Technology and Corning Gorilla Glass 3

The new Nokia Lumia 630 has Nokia technology Clear-Black for a better view of the screen outdoors , like their high-end brethren. It also offers ultimate protection manufacturer Corning Gorilla Glass 3 , improving resistance to falls that can cause rough running out of the terminal screen.

Reason # Two: Most powerful and efficient processor

The Nokia Lumia 630 features a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor 400 1.2 GHz quad-core clock frequency, supporting Miracast. improving the long-standing Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 dual-core 1 GHz Qualcomm's new is compatible with Nokia sensor that will tell us our beats thanks to the Bing Health & Fitness application when we practice sport.

Reason # Three: Better battery

The new terminal of Finnish incorporates a 1830 mAh battery enabling up to 13.1 hours of talk time, while the Nokia Lumia 520 is formed with a 1420 mAh battery offering 9.7 hours talk time.

Reason # Four: Best Camera

Both have a 5 megapixel camera without flash with the same dimensions in the same sensor and lens aperture of f/2.4. However, the Nokia Lumia 630 has the latest firmware available Cyan Lumia better correcting noise in photographs. The Nokia Lumia 520 like the rest of the range will be updated to Windows Phone 8.1 .

Reason # Five: Serial Windows Phone 8.1

Carrying the latest operating system series, is always an advantage for users, and with all the improvements made ​​Windows Phone 8.1. For many users this point can be very decisive.

CloudMesh Handle all your accounts with Cloud Storage

CloudMesh, Cloud Mesh Nokia Lumia
With the diversity of services cloud storage we have today, many of us have more than one to save our files. This sometimes becomes complicated because we need a lot of applications to manage all our accounts, or when you want to save a file in more than one service or move between them.
To make this less complicated task, Windows Phone CloudMesh we have an application that allows us to manage different storage accounts with which count as well as local files. The application supports the most used services and will be integrated in the future, so we will not have problems using it.
CloudMesh allows us to perform common tasks such as scan, copy, move, delete, etc., besides being able to manage our local file system. Another features that we have is that CloudMesh allows multiple accounts of the same service , this is quite useful as it can for example, access to a personal account and a work without having to have two applications.
CloudMesh characteristics are:
  • Compatible with Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, MeoCloud, Facebook , Phone Files, files from the phone, Onedrive, Mega and more coming.
  • Supports more than one account for each service.
  • We can scan, copy, move, delete, share, download and upload.
  • Looking between folders and files.
  • Local File Manager .
  • Pin to start local files.
  • Rename files.
The application has support for multiple languages, including Spanish both in Spain as in Mexico, is in its version and is compatible with Windows Phone 8.1. Weight: 8 MB ​​and has two versions, a free advertising and pay for 2.49 euros.
Windows Phone Store | CloudMesh (2.49 euros)
Windows Phone Store | CloudMesh (free)
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