Saturday, 21 February 2015


Fixstars, 3TB SSD, 3TB SATA, SSD, world's largest SSD, SSDstorage,
Until now all the SSDs are contents only in small formats, Around 1TB or close to it, but Fixstars has decided to break the pattern and launches SSD far greater capacity to 3TB.

The model Fixstars Solutions is the SSD-3000M which has 3TB capacity in a format of 2.5 "and with it also presents the SSD-1000M. This is kinda product which launched by the company aimed at a niche market that requires a high level of data and to handle large capacity files. Thus the Fixstars SSD-3000M solves this problem without the need to make arrangements for more SSDs to handle greater capacity files or programs.

Fixstars, 3TB SSD, 3TB SATA, SSD, world's largest SSD, SSDstorage,

So far so good, this model of Fixstarts is the largest capacity SSD in the market at the moment, with a format of 2.5 " It is realiable for applications that work encodeando videos 4K or even higher quality. Its market price is not yet published, but surely cost a little more than a kidney.
Fixstars, 3TB SSD, 3TB SATA, SSD, world's largest SSD, SSDstorage,


  1. Well, I would not give my kidney for that but I really impressed with how little time it took from 1st SSD drives to 3 TB SSD. It actually makes me want to wait even more for buying a PC 'cause 1 TB should be really cheap soon I guess... (yeah, I know you can wait forever when thinkig this way... )

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