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All The Most Useful Nokia Codes Fore Soft Reset, Full Reset and A lot more

All The Most Useful Nokia Codes Fore Soft Reset, Full Reset and A lot more

Nokia, The most amazing mobile phone manufacturers, makes its terminals many useful internal codes to know things like the IMEI, firmware or reset the phone to clean it complete remains stored facilities and other important data. The most important and useful CODES are:

IMEI: * # 06 # In fact this code is independent of the brand of course and the Nokia company. It is very useful to lock the phone when someone stolen our phone.

For checking your Software version: * # 0000 # :

Displays what is commonly known as firmware. If you know what the latest software for your phone that Nokia has launched, we can see if your terminal needs an update. You can also look with Nokia PC-Suite. Security code or lock: 12345 There are some actions that the phone does not allow us to use this code. If you didn't change your password, the usual password is 12345.

If you enter the wrong code three or more consecutive times, the phone can switch to "sleep mode" and will not accept any command for the next 15 minutes. Turn off the phone and turn it on again, do not use it for 15 minutes and then try again to command it.

Full Reset Nokia Code: * # 7370 # After putting this code it will request the security password, Put  (12345). Then you have to confirm the action as this code will completely clean the phone memory, Will make it as if it came from the Company. You should make a backup before performing the Full Reset as it will remove absolutely everything (contacts, messages, calendar, images ... everything).

Soft Reset by Coding: * # 7780 # only works on Nokia Symbian OS provided. In this case it will also ask for the security code, So put (12345), but for a more simple removal. It will Only deletes the contents of the RAM of the terminal and renew the system. Without deleting any personal data.

It usually used when the phone is slow for very intensive use. So, just Format your phone: * + 3 + call key + power on (press all at once)  If the mobile hangs or does not work well and it does not even to ask the PIN, then use this code to try to return it to the normal mode.

Activate or deactivate EFR (Enhanced Full Rate): * # 3370 * :

The EFR mode achieves better signal quality sacrificing for the battery. Works well for small coverage areas where we need the signal for an emergency.

Toggle HRC (Half Rate Clarity): * # 4270 * is the exact opposite of the EFR. Thanks to the HRC will have more battery life but sacrificing signal quality.

Usage time: * # 92702689 # :

Displays the time that the phone has been used in total. It is merely information, has no real use.

Show MAC bluetooth: * # 2820 # Show MAC WiFi: * # 62209526 #

I would note that all of these codes you can use them at your own risk . Especially those that eliminate or modify data phone. Always make a backup of your data before using any of these codes!!


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